Music is a great healer. It’s medicine for soul pain. I call it sometime Musdicine , it’s a combination of Music and Medicine.


As its convenient to all occasions , personalities and languages. Music has no language. As the Ryhme starts you find your self going and coming with the tunes. Thinking of beautiful or bad memories. It sometimes helps in finding solutions as it puts you in the atmosphere of calm or action. 

Sometimes I recognize people by the type of music they listen 😀 ! Like if someone is having the best classics choices will find him listen Mozart or gold music, if someone so romantic will find him listening to sweet music. 

I also make stories sometimes ! Design shows of the music videos in my mind 😀 . It’s like I am starting a day dreaming, which helps me in escaping from all the pressure and thought I have. 

So in case you have a bad day listen to music that make you feel better never make you feel worse ! Also in case you are having a prefect day , mark it with a song to remember that day each time you listen to this song 😉 . However , an advice from me to you, never mark songs or relate them to persons , but to the occasion. Because people may leave one day .. That may turn the happy song into a sad one. Making from a happy memory a sad one. Always try to make happy memories more, but that doesn’t mean to delete sad memories. We also need them to keep our emotions balanced learning from them to make the next memories better and happier 🙂 

I want to also thank you for all the likes, and follows 🙂 

I love you so much and I hope to always like my work over here 😉 😀

Have a lovely day ,

Menna 🙂 


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