Memories and people, the past and the present.. 

Hi everyone, 

First of all and as always I am so happy with all the support from you ! I really appreciate it 🙂 You are AWESOME !!! 😀 . 

I was sitting this evening thinking about how things went past days. As my high school life started. A lot of things changed. My life, my responsibilities and all. Missing my old days when my only problem was having the doll I saw on TV which was my biggest hopes 😀 . My first school day ( not knowing how it’s gonna be hell now 😀 ). All of those moments and much more are honestly the best and I am sure that there better moments coming on their way. 

From the things I miss them so much are people. Why did people change that much ?? Is it a matter of age ?? I used to know people who meant a lot to me. I didn’t know for a moment that I won’t meet that person again. 

I realized that as I grow up or know people as their truth way. I lose more people in the way. Even the new people I know. They seem to be so nice or cool but they are not actually.

I knew that if someone smiled to you then be aware of the next request. Or if you found someone changed his way of dealing to you then be sure that he has a purpose of you. However there are some people are good and not fake (they are rare also). So not everyone gives you thumbs up you just go with all the secrets you can give ! 

But that doesn’t me not to hate everyone ! No ! My father used to tell me in my childhood to love everybody. This is true ! You should love everybody to gain people hearts and feel a bit safe, making God’s blessings be all over you, your family and all people. So as instead of someone talk about you and insult your family for a bad behaviour, they just pray for you 🙂 

However, it’s only love! Not trust. It could be trust before this age of Photoshop and fake apps ( sorry for this , but they made photoshop and those app for good benefit not to make people upset). That’s the dark side of our society now :/ 

That I hoped to live back in the 90s. Maybe it wouldn’t have been the best age or perfect one , but it was the age of finding the good friend that long last with you without fear or any barriers. 

Don’t look at it to just shut your door house and be that hesitate ! No ! Face the world ! Coz if you didn’t get cheated by others or know fake people you won’t learn the lesson even if you lasted isolated your whole life as a way of safety. Believe me, never works 🙂 

At the end, I want to say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! Supporting you and appreciating you! 🙂 😉

Remember you are always welcomed in the corner ,

Menna xx


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