Internet sweet headache

I am sure all of us as you can reach this post then you have Internet access. That’s cool a lot of times. As its keep us knowing what’s the latest news of our country , favorite team or celebs. 

Having an Internet access requires account on social media. On account on Facebook makes the next one on Twitter then YouTube channel then Instagram. Here is the cycle goes.

However, as this cycle goes I find a sweet headache in it. Like you can access a lot of things in different names and different friends and  number of follow. Finding it cool and interesting. However, it’s makes my mail have daily 100+ mail min. Sometimes some are good , sometimes just a scam or ads for something. 

Feeling like having a smartphone or any electronics such a great stress. As if now I write a blog or a post, i stay like seeing if it will make a success even if simple or not. Message people and they don’t reply back. It’s like you started to walk with someone and they stopped walking with you for some reason. What if you didn’t start the way from the beginning?? It would feel more relaxed. You can just prank a call or go and knock his door of replied then you are sure you know how it will go. Not just leaving you worried( if you got my point πŸ˜€ ). 

Sometimes I forget passwords because of many accounts( which is a big trouble for people who have no memory like me πŸ˜€ ), and you can’t type it somewhere so as non know it and destroy everything. Such a stress. 

After all, it still the place that I escape to if I am in an embarrassing situation or can’t reply to someone πŸ˜€ . 

Welcome to the corner , 

Menna xx 


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