Virtual Life

Sometimes I day dream of a virtual life. Sometimes I think of me as a successful business woman or star having a perfect lover and awesome friends, understandable family and stunning skills. 

Each time I am sad or upset I feel my friends are surrounding me, cheering me up or listening to some awesome words from my boyfriend and my family supporting me. Making me more and more confident and strong.

Also if I am so happy, I find who share this happiness without hatred or blame. It’s such an awesome feeling.

However, it’s not real. And makes me upset when I take off my headphones, back to real life. 

Ever since I’ve tried a lot to make the dream comes true, but destiny chooses our life most of times. 

I am now in a new school, new city, new life. I’ve never thought that will ever happen! But it did! I am also for plainsong a complete different career, chosen by my family that I didn’t dream of. While I am pretty sure that If I chose mine I am sure that my family would refuse it, so I thought to do the decision from the beginning. Hoping that faith may choose the better for me. 

However, I am doing my best to follow my dreams. So as if I didn’t have them at least I am proud of trying it under any circumstances 🙂 

But will this stay long ?? Like will it stay that other control our lives?? I hope all change soon 🙂 

Even if day dreams make me feel better and upset as well I won’t stop them as they are my painkiller , giving me hope 🙂 

I hope also for all of you to have what he is dreaming for ! Never give up ! It’s your life. 


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