True Love ??

All of us search for the true love that will be forever and faithful. But how we could find this faithful love in a world which is not faithful. 

I’ve never been in a relationship, once tried but it started with failing before even beginning. I am a person who always look for the thing with the true meaning. 

Like what’s the meaning of having a boyfriend/girlfriend who I know that won’t complete. In addition of having a misunderstanding family. Like if I told them I had a lover they would do one of three things, maybe scold me for doing such thing , or make a fool of me or won’t care. 

I am thankful to God that he gave me the mind that make me realize the result of the next step I am going to do, so as to know if that will work or not.

However, I’ve met ones my true love but that was one night in my dreams. But that was because I slept after watching a romantic movie 😀 

So what is true love ??

True love from my point of view is having a person who is going to always be beside you whatever happened. Support you. Help you always. Understanding you. Think of you as if you are something really precious like a glass that should take care of. Because when the glass gets broken can never be back as it used to be. 

Most important of all of that is to cooperate with each other. Like if he is sick and for example he promised you before it to go out for dinner, just forgive him. The guy is sick ! 😀 same for the guy, if she can’t go out with you because she have exams , work or whatever. Don’t just say that she is no longer care for you and those words but appreciate her and support her 🙂

Respect also plays a great role, without respect, there is no love or even the word “Hi” between you or any person on earth 🙂

That’s why true love hard to be found. Even married people who marry for just love or money or any other reason but not true love. Their marriage fail. 

Also never say that word ” we are together always , we are immortal” until you are sure of what you say. Because the word “forever” is from the biggest lies on earth that we say always. That word can break your both Harry’s easily. Atleast if you know from the beginning it’s not going to  last forever won’t break so hard. 

What about you what do you think is true love ?? 🙂

At the end of the day, I hope all of us find that love somehow 🙂 . From the truths in this world is that nothing impossible 🙂 

Welcome to the corner,

Menna xx


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