Childhood, I miss you..

Whatever is your age of generation. We are no doubt miss our childhoods. 

They were the days that our minds were free. When we used to get bed peacefully not worrying about tomorrow. Our highest fears were to be good behave whole year so as Santa gets us a gift for Christmas. 

As we grow up our responsibilities and duties grow also. When we used to have BDay party it was such an awesome day. Now we refuse to count another year of life so as not to count how much left for us on this world or how many duties are going to be this year. 

However, when we were young we hoped to grow up so fast. For girls , to have clothes and make ups like her mother. For boys, to have a car or job like father rather than school. But I am sure if we knew how it’s going to be crazy later, we would never wished so 😀

As peterPan said” Don’t grow up. It’s a trap”. He was completely right ! 😀

But we should stop that way of showing off that we are old. Children don’t dream of growing up fast ( without enjoying their childhood meaning) when we tell them that we do blah blah blah.We can tell them when I was your age I used to do so and so and so.

Never make a child feel as if he is having a boating life. We really need to make them enjoy the meaning of being child. Especially old people should understand that.

Anyway, I miss cartoons, before sleep story and all 🙂 I hope of those days are back even for only one day. I would have understood how it is being a child and enjoy it to max 😉 😀

What was your favorite cartoon of story when you were young ? 😀

Welcome to corner,



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