Gosh ! It’s 14th of February 2016 !! 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone !! 😀
If you are single don’t consider it a problem AT ALL ! I am too and decided to enjoy it to the most 😀

Here’s what I am doing when the night visit my home 😉 
1-Watch movies ( the proposal, bride war, 24 dresses, the princess diaries, confessions of a shopaholic, legally blonde, what if, the fault in our stars , Cinderella,tangled, etc. )
2-Read books ( the selection , pretty little liars , girl online , the fault in our stars) 
 3- order or make food and sweets 😀
4- listen music !  
5- wish happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends and family.
You don’t have to be knotted to someone to celebrate it ! Atleast you are knotted to yourself and your success. And that’s deserve celebration, isn’t ? 😀
And for couples, enjoy it to most, don’t hide your feelings anyone today. Confess your love, anger, upset and happiness to your love! 
Start the next love year with love or searching for it 🙂
But be careful ! It should be TRUE LOVE ! 😉 
Always welcome to the corner,
Menna xx


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