Celebs crush .. Umm do you think it counts ??

With all the respect to every celebrity, I am sure they are all having such a great message to give and have fans to support. However, some fans ( including me 😀 ) have some feelings that are more than just appreciation , maybe crush or love.

Last night, I found myself having crush on literately all celebs 😀 ( at least most of them) old and new ones ! Which drove me crazy. That me think of that isn’t a good thing. Celebs are humans like us. Whatever we did, unless crazy actions 😀 , we won’t be that noticed ! So whatever feelings I have more than appreciation and support won’t matter. 

I am a fan girl of many artists nowadays and old ones. I am a fan of MJJ, 5sos, little mix, Charlie Puth, and many more. I appreciate them all and love them so much. But my love doesn’t me following them everywhere, get upset if they fell in love or had new BFFs 😀

Come on ! They are just there away from our reach. All we can do is support and cheer. Letting them live a normal life 😀

I am proud of myself that I was that kind of girls who faint if they heard their celebs live or saw them 😀 I am just a normal person who claps and dance with the music. I’ve never even asked them for a selfie, but that’s because I never met them in real life with a chance to ask them for it 😀 . Even if I did I will try my best to as a sweet memory and good luck if I couldn’t won’t commit suicide 😀

So for all of the crazy lovers and sweet fans of every fandom over there! Try always to be who you are. Don’t make your wardrobe full of your favorite celebs shirts and clothes 😀 always keep your own normal clothes. Don’t get upset if your celeb dated another person 😀

Live your life, enjoying it as a normal super fan 🙂 and let faith give you the chance to meet your fav celeb 😀 

So you and your favorite celeb can live peacefully 😀 🙂

P.S: I am not against any concept, I am always giving my point of view that may help 🙂 

Welcome to the corner,

Menna xx


People talk a lot, but does this matter ?

Lately, I’ve been followed by people’s word. All is talking that I need to improve, I need to be better. 
Maybe I need to put some effort, but it’s not their business anymore. Like why would someone tell me you are good or bad?! Will that change me ?? If I am convinced with what I am doing knowing it’s true and perfectly cool so why would I care ! 

People became suddenly so free with no problems to take care of others and tell them to improve. I want to say one thing. Never change for someone ! You are awesome ! Maybe they are jealous and want to drag you down( I don’t mean 1D song 😛 :D). 

What your style is, what your personality is as long as it’s cool to you and not wrong then just stay who you are! You will realize by yourself what you need to change anyway. Non will know perfectly the best for you except you! Then maybe your family. 

So stay who you are ! I am proud of you ! Your close people are also proud of you! Above all you yourself should be proud of yourself and go forward! Never stop !

Welcome to the corner,

Menna Xx

Giving up ? You need to take another look actually.

Past days were headache. I had Mock Exams. Unfortunately,I didn’t get much of the grades I expected. I was upset and giving up but later I realized it’s a future that giving it up means ending it so soon. I also found myself angry for some silly reasons. I didn’t know why I would be, it’s just life!

Wondering around my room one day I found my old guitar full of dust and looks upset also. I totally forgot it. I really missed him. I played in this special one a lot of special songs, I had a dream one day of coming a guitarist or singer or whatever. That was Before I realize it’s just life that decided our fates, that the whole game isn’t 100% by our hands. 

Anyway I was upset to see it that way also. I picked it, cleaned it and played some notes. I felt I totally don’t know how to play it after I was everyday playing each and single song I loved. I was feeling really bad for losing a skill that if I could just be stronger not giving up easily I would be keeping it for the better and maybe I could achieve my dream. 

That point I knew that giving up is not a way to make me relax. But it’s committing suicide and killing all the little things that used to make our day of just thinking about it.

However, I now learned the lesson. I started playing again. This time I learned the lesson. You should also know it. Never give up! Believe me, you will regret so much.

Keep the faith…

Welcome to the corner,

Menna xx