People talk a lot, but does this matter ?

Lately, I’ve been followed by people’s word. All is talking that I need to improve, I need to be better. 
Maybe I need to put some effort, but it’s not their business anymore. Like why would someone tell me you are good or bad?! Will that change me ?? If I am convinced with what I am doing knowing it’s true and perfectly cool so why would I care ! 

People became suddenly so free with no problems to take care of others and tell them to improve. I want to say one thing. Never change for someone ! You are awesome ! Maybe they are jealous and want to drag you down( I don’t mean 1D song 😛 :D). 

What your style is, what your personality is as long as it’s cool to you and not wrong then just stay who you are! You will realize by yourself what you need to change anyway. Non will know perfectly the best for you except you! Then maybe your family. 

So stay who you are ! I am proud of you ! Your close people are also proud of you! Above all you yourself should be proud of yourself and go forward! Never stop !

Welcome to the corner,

Menna Xx


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