Be your own cheerleader ! 

Many of us gets disappointed of doing something and then finding a lot saying it’s wired or bad.

Well, ask me about it !

Unfortunately , that’s me in my everyday life. Even now about this blog, I write and I know that 90% I am going to be disappointed and 10% may get some good words or noticed and I am still writing !

Look ! There are 2 types of those people ! 

Type #1 :

Are the people who wants to get you down , maybe because they are jealous or for their benefit so they can shine. Those people normally will find them in the same field as you or people who hate seeing your success and ofcourse we face those people everyday and we know them pretty well. So don’t let them make you down! Keep the good work up ! 😀

Here is a thumbs-up from me (y) 😉 😀

Type #2:

Those are the people who are our families, best friends and all the people who love up and care for us. Well, those people still can be sometime negative, but most of the time know that they can be true and listen to their advice, think about it and if you find they are really true about it which 99% of all time them take their advice 🙂 

My advice for you also to not trust Internet 100% all the time. Because you know, some people just like mocking and annoying people, some want to get famous or make money even if they give wrong information. So whatever you look through on the Internet , make sure of it before making it an opinion or answer that matters to your decisions.

We all make mistakes. That’s true, but what makes of it a mistake actually ? Nothing does, until it hurts someone or make you in trouble or makes you about to be in trouble. That’s why you should be careful with all of your decisions, especially those decision of moving to another house with someone or alone, quitting your job, etc. . Not just because you hate or annoys you ! Or because there are people who wants to keep you down all the time ! Nothing good comes easy remember 😉 

At the end of the day, be your own cheerleader, as long as you are 100% true, legal and confident of what you are doing! 😀 

Don’t let some people who hates you disappoint you ! Remember we are not perfect ! Even profits had enemies and people to ruin their life ! C’est la vie ! 😀 

Always welcome to the corner,

Menna xx

Twitter: @mennacorner 


Confidence blog

Hey there ! 🙂

Whoever you are, a woman, a man, a kid, a teenager .. 

I want to tell you that you are awesome.

Well maybe I don’t know you .. But that doesn’t mean that we are not friends 🙂 

Don’t take people’s words guaranteed , they don’t know the real you ! Non does except you !

And remember some roses looks beautiful but they are toxic. So your face don’t have to be beautiful , but your soul. Keep in your mind also that non is perfect so always know that you might have something others don’t have 😉 

You are beautiful ! Don’t let someone annoy you or control your life ! You are stronger and more precious than that !

At the end, I want you to be 100% sure that you are rare and awesome. Spread the message to everyone ! Let’s all appreciate the beautiful souls we have more than bank accounts and followers number 😉 😀

Welcome to the corner,

Menna xx