If their bodies left us, their souls didn’t

The past few days a lot of people got killed as What happened in Orlondo and The death of Christina Grimmie and the horrible ways they are killed, in addition to what happened in Syria up till now and Palestine and much more didn’t only happen the past two days but for years.

Whatever was your nationality, religion, ideas and thoughts. You are still a human,right ?! Like those people who are killed and the people who killed. The difference between you and them that at the time you were in a different place , in different conditions and circumstances.

At the end, I don’t think that crying or cursing the other group or fighting to calm your anger will get those people back or fix anything. Go tell people your story make them help you at least by their voices. Use social media to make people know your problem and get all the people who are included in the same problem as you and help each other to find a great solution even if just by raising awareness in a good, simple way instead of shouting or getting angry. Have to know that even if you faced anyone who doesn’t agree to your thoughts don’t fight or don’t say that you won’t deal with that person again that means the your problem won’t be fixed. Just try to convince them as long as your thought are right to build the communities not to destroy them or increase hate between them. 

Remember that whoever is killed maybe their bodies are gone but souls are still with us. Prayers to everyone.

Welcome to the corner,

Menna xx


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