Unfortunately, not real but still enjoying it

As long as it’s holiday, I spent my night watching movies and TV shows. No need to say how much I enjoy the stories, the “perfect” characters and so on. However, when the movie is over the truth hit me that these are not real and never going to happen.

That’s it! That’s what this blog is about. Like do you ever get upset knowing that this will never happen? Or do you ever like hear a fight or remember the whole mess of your life just as soon as you finish the movie that you go from the world of perfection to the world of deadlines and holiday homework that are not finished yet or didn’t even start them?? Well.. It does happen to me..

Sometimes, I am like that never going to happen. Like in movies losers gets better and become the best or when you are about to get married to a person who you are not inlove with, you fall in love with that person and call the wedding off. I actually know that is never going to happen by luck just like movies but I know that if I ever got the chance I will give it a shot, not letting luck doing it but I will do it with my own hands.

I always have been obeying orders whether it’s my parents’ , teachers’ or even the society. I never had the chance to obey my own mind orders, making myself happy not others. Therefore,  I decided to read more, know more and be ready for my own fight making what I ever thought that is never going to happen a dream comes true. i decided to be the one who give myself the orders,true rational ones, that keeps me happy before others. That doesn’t mean not to care for others, off course should care for others but as long as they are the best for you. I mean positive people who are giving you the help and good advice, not the one who all they want for you is staying that one you’ve always have been, obeying orders to keep them satisfied.

I decided to make my own “perfect” movie with “perfect” characters, that one day when i get the chance to tell my story, I see smiles and amusement and people doing the best for them, not broken people who are upset and I hope that at this point, I would be the happily unbreakable woman who is pushing others to success surrounded by the people I love and love me.

So! Did you ever have like a crazy or fantastic adventure like the ones in movies and books? What was it??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx



Did you open your gifts or not?? What did you get?? I hope it’s what you wished for 😀

In my opinion, what’s more valuable than the gift is being surrounded by the people you love, remembering the epic moments of the year, catching up with each other, laughing That’s what feasts are for, right??

More importantly, is forgiving. Pick up your phone right now or laptop and contact that person who had a fight with and start a new year with love not hate. And don’t worry that won’t show your weakness as people say, believe me that will show you big heart letting others respecting you. Make sure that when you and everyone gather around the tree that non is upset from you or have some kind of hate so you can start a new clean year full of love and blessings.

Can you do me a favor please?! Don’t play sad songs in Christmas time please! Look, if you broke up with someone or lost someone close to you, either move on or call them right away for a second chance. But don’t regret anything with the start of the year. If you want something or someone do your best and get it/him before it’s too late.

One more thing, tell everyone that you love him, appreciate the moment with them, non knows what the future holds for us. Remember hugging everyone before you go. Wish for the best! Don’t wish something from anger and end up like Kelvin in Home alone, every year he wishes to have a holiday alone and his wish come true 😀 . Even if you got into a fight with someone at the time just end it and end it in a hug not a punch in the face 😀

OH! I almost forgot! Look there is something that I hate so much and I am sure you guys also hate, but I found a solution for it that might help you as well. It’s when you are surround with family and everyone is saying their achievements and everyone is blaming you for like not getting married yet or not getting a higher job or whatever. Don’t be upset, but instead remark any achievement you did and proud of and point it out.It doesn’t matter how small or big it is, it’s off course something remarkable and needs to be said!

That blog actually is longer than it should be right?? ANYWAY! I wish you luck if you are bringing your BF/GF this holiday 😉 😀 I also wish the best of luck for meeting the family 🙂 i hope you enjoyed this blog and gave you some piece of excitement for the holiday! 😀


Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Non-medical painkillers

I guess that from the title you thought that you will find some kind of groovy recipe with natural seeds and plants that ends up understanding nothing from what you read and end up calling your mum for a solution or doctor.

Well, don’t worry it’s such an easy understandable ways that you might be using everyday or right now! The type of painkillers I am talking about is the modern easy ways of leaving all of our lives behind our backs for seconds. Having a break from all the tension we pass by.


As Christmas is around the corner and a new year is about to start. There is something  I have to tell you. ” Enjoy the last bit and celebrate all the achievements”

As a new year is about to start we start planning for the next year what should be done and what should not do. Every year and not every year but every time I start a new thing i plan for it and never happens. Therefore, I am not going to plan for this year. I am not going to set myself a To-Do list or any of these. I am leaving my destiny to decide my upcoming life, leaving the wind to land me wherever it wants as long as I am going in the right direction towards my big aim of life “success”. Life can’t always be what we want because it will never be white all the time there will be always black times we don’t plan for or expect. This time I am expecting those times, I am expecting the storms and the blessings of the rain and sunshine as well.

More importantly, don’t regret your decisions or whatever you did last year. Anything you did last year even if it’s stupid, a loss or such an impressive achievements, be proud of them all. They are lessons and experiences that I am sure they taught you a really great lessons for your upcoming life. Don’t also regret losing people if it was with your own choice or not, that’s life cycle anyway that we all should accept. Celebrate it actually, celebrate letting people from your life maybe they are gone for the good of both of you. Celebrate the next year with the people who are still there for you and enjoy the moments with them because no one knows what the future brings for us.

At the end of the day i wish you all such a very happy and an astonishing year filled with love, hope and blessings. I know that I said not to plan for the upcoming year to avoid disappointments but i didn’t say the Christmas of new year’s eve 😀

So! What are your plans? If you are wondering about my mine, i don’t think i am going out of my country’s boarders but maybe my house boarders with my family:P 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

The difference between “Hopeful” & “Fake Hope”

People always tell us to be hopeful and look to the future and not to give up. Actually that’s a good tip that we all should use it. However, that might be a good tip if the hope that fills our hearts is true, if the thing we hope for is original and real.

There is a clear difference between fake hope and true one. We can’t notice it but it’s just there as the sunshine. From the ways to know it is to give it shot! I say  not to keep dreaming about stuff, don’t just day dream about being a successful person in  whatever you think you are good at or what people people tell you are good at. don’t believe it unless your heart and brain does.

Therefore, give it a shot! try it instead of dreaming it! who knows?! maybe what you thought you are good at that whole time is not true, or there is something you are better at not this. try everything so when you work for it now you have the right hope of being great thing not the fake hope of something you don’t know and get shocked by the truth.

By the way, don’t give for the first try. i mean go over and over, try to improve and after doing all you can do then be sure that if you are still having hope in this you are wasting time ans that is a fake hope. Go search for the thing that give you a true hope, for the person who you know will never let you down. even if you love that person, dreaming of future plans with don’t keep dreaming about it as soon as you know that someday he let go of you with no regrets.

So! I hope i gave you some type of light and hope as well, real one:D

Are you going to let go of the fake hope? Did you ever follow a fake hope till it let you down?(i hope you didn’t though..)

always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

The new definition of “Living your life”

In the past, they used to say that living your life is just about fun, being surrounded by people you love, and relax. Knowing that what is coming can be handled.

People at that time used to be easy and simple. They used to laugh easily and a lot. Unfortunately, those people are in the age of 80+ and maybe gone.. leaving the new society with some conecpts they were taught that can’t cope with these days.

In the last couple of years, I realized that enjoying my life can be without people who love me, I mean who does? Everyone these days is busy for making himself/herself the best. So how can you find someone someone who cares and loves you knowing that they actually might betray you. So! I decided that I would enjoy my life with or without people caring for me, which makes my life easier for not caring who left my life or got into it. Life is like a train and a train doesn’t carry the same people all way. 

Secondly, I decided to do what I want even if people find it silly or annoying as long as it’s not wrong. I mean sometime you do annoy me and I don’t speak. Oh! And about that too! I decided that the best way of living a true with no worries life is telling the truth.

Truth makes you relaxed that you are not hiding anything. You are not hiding your feelings or worry all the time about the next action.

So! To sum this up, the 3 secrets of living your life now is truth, enjoying (even silly things), and let people go without much of regret.

I hope that makes it easy for you to open up about what makes you feel bad for and start living your life the best you can. 

What do you think ?? Do you have any more ways for enjoying life ? Do you do any of these and really made the change ?? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Be easy and enjoy the moment (Tips & Hacks)

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting lately but it has been so hard to find time for myself actually.

Most of us care so much about their image and how do they look more than how do they feel. For example, I know people who can actually carry a full bag of clothes, make up or whatever to get ready for a hang out after school or work. Well, I find that cool actually but it takes time so if you have an hour to enjoy after this all you have like 30 minutes. Not to mention, the rush and stress which makes the joy fades. So! I tried to be naturally on the fleek for the last couple days. Here is what I did:

1. Make sure my hair is as nice as it can be either by a sleeping routine hairstyle or using heating hairstyles that lasts for sometime.

2. Have masks or a programe of skin care which keeps the skin most of the time if not always glowing and fresh with the use of a good soap in the morning that matchs your skin type

3. For me I never cared for the clothes part actually because I always tried my best to have the best style I can by noticing other people fashion and making it as simple and it can for me. But a piece of advise, if what you wear is comfortable and chick in your eyes with some confident, you will be a runway model. So always make sure that even in uniforms you look the best you can.

4. Enjoy it! You saw yourself in the mirror this morning. Liked yourself till admiration, don’t bother again unless there is something really wrong that you need to check it. 

Don’t let anything stop you ! You have a unique magic that god gave you that gave to no one. We are different in different ways. Show your magic! 

So! What do you think about the tips ? Are you going to follow any 😀 ? Do you have any of yours ? Comment below maybe it can help me as well 😀 

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx