The new definition of “Living your life”

In the past, they used to say that living your life is just about fun, being surrounded by people you love, and relax. Knowing that what is coming can be handled.

People at that time used to be easy and simple. They used to laugh easily and a lot. Unfortunately, those people are in the age of 80+ and maybe gone.. leaving the new society with some conecpts they were taught that can’t cope with these days.

In the last couple of years, I realized that enjoying my life can be without people who love me, I mean who does? Everyone these days is busy for making himself/herself the best. So how can you find someone someone who cares and loves you knowing that they actually might betray you. So! I decided that I would enjoy my life with or without people caring for me, which makes my life easier for not caring who left my life or got into it. Life is like a train and a train doesn’t carry the same people all way. 

Secondly, I decided to do what I want even if people find it silly or annoying as long as it’s not wrong. I mean sometime you do annoy me and I don’t speak. Oh! And about that too! I decided that the best way of living a true with no worries life is telling the truth.

Truth makes you relaxed that you are not hiding anything. You are not hiding your feelings or worry all the time about the next action.

So! To sum this up, the 3 secrets of living your life now is truth, enjoying (even silly things), and let people go without much of regret.

I hope that makes it easy for you to open up about what makes you feel bad for and start living your life the best you can. 

What do you think ?? Do you have any more ways for enjoying life ? Do you do any of these and really made the change ?? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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