The difference between “Hopeful” & “Fake Hope”

People always tell us to be hopeful and look to the future and not to give up. Actually that’s a good tip that we all should use it. However, that might be a good tip if the hope that fills our hearts is true, if the thing we hope for is original and real.

There is a clear difference between fake hope and true one. We can’t notice it but it’s just there as the sunshine. From the ways to know it is to give it shot! I say  not to keep dreaming about stuff, don’t just day dream about being a successful person in  whatever you think you are good at or what people people tell you are good at. don’t believe it unless your heart and brain does.

Therefore, give it a shot! try it instead of dreaming it! who knows?! maybe what you thought you are good at that whole time is not true, or there is something you are better at not this. try everything so when you work for it now you have the right hope of being great thing not the fake hope of something you don’t know and get shocked by the truth.

By the way, don’t give for the first try. i mean go over and over, try to improve and after doing all you can do then be sure that if you are still having hope in this you are wasting time ans that is a fake hope. Go search for the thing that give you a true hope, for the person who you know will never let you down. even if you love that person, dreaming of future plans with don’t keep dreaming about it as soon as you know that someday he let go of you with no regrets.

So! I hope i gave you some type of light and hope as well, real one:D

Are you going to let go of the fake hope? Did you ever follow a fake hope till it let you down?(i hope you didn’t though..)

always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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