Unfortunately, not real but still enjoying it

As long as it’s holiday, I spent my night watching movies and TV shows. No need to say how much I enjoy the stories, the “perfect” characters and so on. However, when the movie is over the truth hit me that these are not real and never going to happen.

That’s it! That’s what this blog is about. Like do you ever get upset knowing that this will never happen? Or do you ever like hear a fight or remember the whole mess of your life just as soon as you finish the movie that you go from the world of perfection to the world of deadlines and holiday homework that are not finished yet or didn’t even start them?? Well.. It does happen to me..

Sometimes, I am like that never going to happen. Like in movies losers gets better and become the best or when you are about to get married to a person who you are not inlove with, you fall in love with that person and call the wedding off. I actually know that is never going to happen by luck just like movies but I know that if I ever got the chance I will give it a shot, not letting luck doing it but I will do it with my own hands.

I always have been obeying orders whether it’s my parents’ , teachers’ or even the society. I never had the chance to obey my own mind orders, making myself happy not others. Therefore,  I decided to read more, know more and be ready for my own fight making what I ever thought that is never going to happen a dream comes true. i decided to be the one who give myself the orders,true rational ones, that keeps me happy before others. That doesn’t mean not to care for others, off course should care for others but as long as they are the best for you. I mean positive people who are giving you the help and good advice, not the one who all they want for you is staying that one you’ve always have been, obeying orders to keep them satisfied.

I decided to make my own “perfect” movie with “perfect” characters, that one day when i get the chance to tell my story, I see smiles and amusement and people doing the best for them, not broken people who are upset and I hope that at this point, I would be the happily unbreakable woman who is pushing others to success surrounded by the people I love and love me.

So! Did you ever have like a crazy or fantastic adventure like the ones in movies and books? What was it??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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