Never regret it

We all loss things and people on our journey of life whether it’s by our choice or just letting go. I know it can be hard to get over it and move on, but do we have choice? Therefore, never regret your decisions, or your loss.

Sometimes losing people can be the best to have. They might be stopping you from progress and success. They might also be a source of negative energy. Like who wants that? You also might have been a pain to them like always know they if you both left each other by choice and never get to think of getting back together again, that might be the best for both of you. Maybe you don’t match or can’t get along, there is nothing wrong with that at all! We are different and that’s how it makes us all unique. Even if the way of losing each other might be bad like a fight or something. Try to end it later in a better way if not getting back together. However, if it didn’t work again just let it go so you both can stop fighting and go forward.

Same thing with decisions. If I’ve learned something through my life, especially lately when it’s the time of making my decisions for life, is that never regret a decision or change it unless it’s actually proved to be completely wrong. You made it and you are responsible for it.  Whatever was it’s outcomes, if it’s good or bad, just know that that’s what your fate wants and holds for you. Changing them also can cause such a miss like changing plans in a business for example can cause a corruption and a huge loss. Same for anything in life, if you decided to do it ,and nothing is wrong with it, do it! Always remember that the chance comes once in a life time.

SIMPLY, don’t regret anything in your life, because it’s your fate instead of it try to make it  better that will actually make things better fast and without the pain of guilty and over thinking.

Have you ever regretted anything and it came out i wasn’t worth it?? What was it?? 😀


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