Changing doesn’t mean scaring you

We all change as we go through life. We get older and life teaches us a lot more than we know everyday. So we change to cope up with what we learn. Most people get scared of changing or gets afraid to change, why do you get scared?? It’s how life goes.

Changing can make you lose and gain people. I think that’s the common reason why people are afraid of changing. However, I need to tell you something, you can’t make everyone happy and you can’t stop from changing. Therefore, don’t be afraid of losing people or interests because it doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep everything as it is, it will never work. It’s like you are on board of a train that is travelling across the world, and you are staying till the end of the trip. You will meet new people as you go and they will leave you at a point to get to their stations. You will also learn new details everyday about a new person, a new place or a new thing! You might hate a place you used to like so much and love a place you used to hate so much. That’s life! Even nature changes! The day changes from morning to night!

Don’t give up easily or take hold of something you really have to let go so you can keep going. Life can be kind to you sometimes, but remember that everything changes so is life. Be careful of who you are friends with today because no one knows what the future holds. So if you take all your precautions, get ready to change and don’t stop it, it’s nature. However, try always change to the best you can and if you had to let go of something or someone, just do it with no regrets because i am sure you will meet a better person or get a better thing. Just keep going and don’t let anger or sadness take control of you.

Oh! One more thing! NEVER EVER believe what you see or hear and build a whole future on. Rumors and lies are just faster than dust to transfer through air. Just believe half you see and half you hear but still don’t build a future on it. Like if a colleague of you told you that the manager is leaving and you are the next in row, just check it yourself or better don’t believe it at all until the time just keep the information there not trusted.  Remember that as fast as you build it it will be blown up.

Have you ever was afraid of changing and it actually was the best for you??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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