It’s okay to miss them

Most of us have that person we miss somewhere in the world. Sometimes it might be in our imagination or even gone forever. Most of the time we wish we could see them in real instead of cameras or video calls. I am here to  tell you that it’s okay to miss somebody. It’s even more okay to cry over them. I won’t tell you like other people to stay strong and everything is going to be fine, because actually that’s a thing that no one owns or knows except you.

Missing somebody can be painful and more painful if you might never see them again. It’s okay to wet your pillow at night but still it’s your decision to make. It’s your decision to be strong or weak. It’s you who can make things fine or worse everyday. I know that moving on is hard and for some people it’s almost impossible. Just think about it and ask yourself these questions. Is it worth it? Will crying everyday will get that person back?  Is that affecting my life?? If your answers are No No Yes then you got to STOP! As long as the sun is still shinning, be grateful!

Remember them with good, even if they did the bad to you. Don’t let their memories break you, just learn from it. It’s a chance, you don’t lose people over fights everyday :D. Don’t be scared of losing them or being separated. Be who you are, even if you want to panic over them, go on! But just do a favor to people and don’t panic over them in public :D.

Spaces between lovers and friends can be hard, but if they honestly love and appreciate each others it would be the relief. It’d be like when you know you are having a party next week and you are preparing for it the whole week. When it’s time, it’s the best feeling you can have. Keep in mind how happy you would be when you see them and believe me, it’s worth the waiting.

I have no much to say this blog because it’s all about feelings that can’t be described in words, only in hearts and souls. I hope This blog helped you a bit though..

Do you have any tips as well?? Have you met your missed one soon?? How was the meeting??

Always welcomed to corner,

Menna Xx


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