Impress yourself first

As a student in high school and the only child, I’ve been give the responsibility of impressing people and mostly my mum and dad. That’s how I was raised on. However, as we grow up we learn new things and realize that we have to change some habits.

Therefore, now when I work on my assignment, project or study for an exam I no longer do it to impress my teachers of parents, but myself. I realized that the habit that my parents have always taught was a way to make get high marks so they can be proud of me. But what if I am not that proud of myself? We all get forced for stuff we didn’t get the chance to even notice we are forced for. Like Your name, nationality and so on. I don’t mean that those things should be changed but why not if you wanted to? You can’t live and keep things you don’t want, right?

Let’s also take a moment to think about the world we live right now. As I notice some people care more about people’s opinions more than themselves. Like high school. Oh god.. High school. The main place to talk about impressing. Not only about study, exams or whatever educational processes. Let’s talk about girls who wears full make up or do their hair for guys or guys who goes to the gym and so on to impress girls. Look, if you want to go to the gym or wear make up, then do it for yourself. I don’t say that you should be looking awful or dressing bad. ABSOLUTELY NOT! You should be the BEST you can be, but for YOURSELF now anyone else.

Let’s get this straight, who is the one who works hard to make you the best? Your body and brain! Who feels the pain more than anyone or anything in the world? Your heart, body and soul. So basically, it’s YOU who deserves to be impressed the most!

On the other hand, sometimes we have to impress people like a interviews, or a meeting or your boss( in terms of working ha to get promotion 😉 ) or the person you love because actually that will make them love you more and you want that love! 😉 😀

So to sum this up! Just be who you are as I always say don’t put so much effort for someone who doesn’t care that much! Put yourself first and make the rules as you go 😉 :D.

Questions! But this time it’s for fun not only tips 😀
Have you ever tried to impress someone and it turned all wrong 😀 ??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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