Let’s call for break

With all what’s going around from new events changing the world or small even life ones. We all deserve a break even if for a minute that barely can noticed to have a quick look on what we’ve done so far.

For example,if you are at work or school make the world stop for a minute to restore your inner energy and peace. I can hear you asking how do I stop the world around me? That’s stupid! Well, apparently not. Take a moment and forget about who you are where you are or what you are doing. Just a moment, it can be a second, a minute or even 30 minutes as long as you can afford. All you have to do in this moment is to find an inner peace in you, forgetting everything.. well it’s better not to forget your timing or that you are still a human being who needs to stop at a point to complete your life. That’s my type one of mini breaks which is kinda of a meditation way.

Type 2! Try to always keep your favorite drinks at home or work or like around you. Drinking or eating something you like even if a biscuit or a cup of coffee can  help you to cop up with the day without any of the famous words ” Gosh! That’s so boring” or ” I am so sick of this” because actually I found out that pressure can only reduce your energy and level of satisfaction. Keep always the spirit of ” let’s do this !” or ” It’s just about to be done” if it’s that boring actually because when you pretend to love the thing you do or have, makes you enjoy it more! My mum used to always tell me to take care of my dolls and toys because they actually feel and sense and if you treated them badly they will be broken fast. So is the human soul and body, if you didn’t give it the time it needs to heal or have some rest it will be ruined just that easy and that fast.

I don’t think you need to know about the long breaks because we actually know them, which are THE HOLIDAYS! However, you don’t have to go to the Caribbean or such a costly place to enjoy your holiday or long breaks. Sometimes, I don’t get the chance to travel some where or even leave the house, but I try always to have the break by movie nights, learning new cooking recipes or draw or anything that make my spirit up and happy.

Just remember to always take the break because your body and soul are like the machine, if you of didn’t take good care of them they will be worn out easily.

What was your best holiday so far??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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