we don’t have to be understood 24/7

God created us in differently, so we are not like each other to know what each other think. We are not twins or triplets to get what the other person is thinking.

Most people , and me myself, search for that person who can understand us or wish that people understand our actions and talking. Let’s get this straight! the only person who might actually understand you is either your twin or soulmate and if you are lucky enough it would be your partner. However, they won’t also completely understand you all the time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about explaining your actions or talking as long as it makes your life easier . It’s not a law that when you say your opinion about something or someone to say why unless you are asked or want to show your point of view. There is also no punishment in losing someone over a misunderstood and that you have to fight to reason why you did this.

Life is so short to look in the teeny tiny detail of our life and give a reason for it to people. If you followed or unfollowed someone on social media you don’t have to say the whole story behind it. Enjoy your new haircut or look, you don’t have to explain why you dyed your hair pink to each person you meet for at least a week. Like what’s the point? There are more important stuff in life to actually state a reason for and let people understand like your achievements or high marks. Those ones are the ones that you should say how and why you got them so people can be inspired and move on to higher places in their life.

I also hate when people just think that they are right and everyone else is wrong or they know everything not like anyone else. Sometimes, that can be a prove of how stupid they are. Like if you want to learn more and be the best as you want you have to open your mind and understand everything around you even if it makes you wrong. It’s fine to be wrong by the way, as long as you learn and correct it.

Misunderstanding can end up as a fight and the end of a relationship. At the point, I think it’s great to end the relationship as fast as you can but if the misunderstanding is huge like about a way of life, one doesn’t respect the other or so on. Because it doesn;t matter how long you will try to fix it up, it will end up with a fight.

At the end of the day what I am trying to say here that don’t expect people to understand every move you do and sometimes they are going to blame you, just don’t listen to them. Keep moving on. You are not obligated to explain yourself as long as you see you don’t need to.

Do you ever get annoyed when people just see that they are right and they are actually wring and fight for that wrong concept they have ?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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