Praise your ideas

Having different thoughts and ideas doesn’t require to be liked by everyone. Your ideas are your secret weapons, you have them but you don’t know how they work.

Those ideas and thoughts can be awesome or destructive but you don’t know. By the human nature we just believe that we are right Β all the way. But are we actually right? Going through life meeting different people and different minds on the way made me learn much about the human mind. From what I experienced is that who holds for their ideas are either hiding a proof for being so true or they know nothing and they just support what they are told to support, maybe brainwashed. This type of people are never going to go places. In other words, who are going to believe you if you can’t prove it?

Therefore, praise your ideas! You owe people an explanation but they are free to take it or not, same is you. Never be forced for an opinion or an idea unless it can cause such a crisis. That includes the ideas of a person you like or love. Not because you are best friend with someone or dating that person you should agree to everything they say. They are not laws or god’s words and if they don’t respect that then they don’t deserve your respect or admiration too.

Being different can be a blessing or a curse, the key is in choosing what you want it to be. Be the person who would be proud of when you see his/her reflection in the mirror. That very moment when you realize who you want to be and who you are is the moment when your ideas an take you places. Just free them like doves. Let them fly high and achieve what can make our world a better place, your world.

Remember those words Be Who You Are And Praise Yourself

What ideas you have that took you places and made your world better?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


8 thoughts on “Praise your ideas

    1. Age never matter dear! Search for what you like and you really good at.. even simple things counts! Like for example I discovered some days ago that I am organized like I arrange my papers and room like those tiny stuff .. Now I do this but to my father’s work and friends and some people and get money if I want or can .. remember that even simple things count and if still can’t find those simple things find just a simple job to get money from and enjoy your life in simple ways like going out and pleasing yourself every week for example or save up to travel to your dream destinations .. Life has so many opportunities just discover them and use them well πŸ™‚ and never believe who says old or young it’s the soul and body that matters πŸ™‚ I hope my answer was helpful and sorry if it was Long πŸ˜€ god bless you!

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      1. Agreed with all you said…I’m not sure tho.. I don’t have the skills where I can 100% I’m better than anyone, bcz in general I can do anything (if have to be done)…maybe I’m loosing big goals bcz to running after small ones.. anyway I’m always happy as I am:))) πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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      2. That might be true but remember that time still passes so following small things that will lead to now where can be a mistake.I think that what you need to focus on is your favorite things first and know your goals and work towards them. Start with small things then bigger things. For example if your goal is to travel the world you would start with a smaller goal of saving up for the first trip and as you go you would learn new things and save for the next country and so on. At the end of finishing the small goals you will find out that you already achieved the main goal. BTW, finishing a goal doesn’t mean that you don’t have another. Because goals are our dreams that we want to achieve, some of them stay dreams because we can’t achieve them as they are not convenient to us, but that’s not all of them. And to know which ones we can achieve is to give it a shot! Life comes once and it’s the only chance to try everything, make mistakes and learn from them. Fall and get up again stronger, ready for the next time πŸ˜€
        And Being happy with yourself is a goal that not everyone can achieve btw πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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