Your success doesn’t depend on them

Writing this blog is more of a relief to me to an advice to you guys. I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by people who for some reason I don’t understand what they mean when they pat on my back and say ” Well done!”. I mean sometimes I feel they don’t really mean it. Sometimes, I feel if it’s like hate or jealousy, a feeling I can’t distinguish.

However, they won’t make me any difference right? If I have the faith and strong intention to do something nothing can stop me except me. Even if they told me you are really bad, I won’t stop until I try and try hard. The point I am trying to make here that you don’t have to be influenced by the opinion of some people who you know too well to trust. Even if that people is fully trusted, you may give it another thought before deciding what to do.

Moreover, don’t depend on other people to gain success. You can do it on your own! What’s the point on begging people to help you in your own success? It’s human nature that everyone wants to be the best, that’s a fact. So remember that only few people will help you if they actually did and they might even do it because if you did it they will benefit from it. Unfortunately, as the world rule, everything has a price. Non is better than you we are all created to be unique and be proud of it.

One more thing to keep in mind! Depending on your lazy-self is also not the best choice. Lean on the active you instead. That’s the power of achievement and success. Success doesn’t mean only career success as well. It’s anything we wish for and make the dream come true. A lot of people can’t make it, because of either giving up easily or working so hard for nothing either because they are not convinced that they are not actually good enough at them even after trying loads and loads of time. Waste of time, money and effort can also be from the factors of holding your going forward. So be careful of what you work on.

It’s just simple as that!

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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