Do it and don’t wait for it

If you have the intention to do something do it or you will lose interest in it and as a result you will lose a new skill or chance as well. That’s human nature!

A very good example about this is the gym for example :D. We all be like from the beginning of the year I won’t miss a day to have a healthy body. Then we end up going one day and missing 364 other days. About that body goals dream? It will never happen that way. It used to happen with me every single year, maybe day. I want to do or learn something but instead I let the circumstances stop me and the year pass without any progress.

Therefore, I decided from this year to not ever miss a day in the gym. To never miss an opportunity of progressing and gaining new skill or chance. Because if I didn’t do that I won’t have what I want. It won’t be served to me on a silver plate. I have to work hard for it and like it! That at the end of it when I achieve it I can say ” I DID IT!”

At the beginning, it seemed so hard to do. Work/school everyday, either to study or take care of home after that and so on, the responsibilities that our life has been always full of. I started scheduling my time and change that routine of everyday.  Sometimes I can be stopped by losing track of time or an emergency. I tell myself that’s fine! But only one time to miss not every time. I started also sharing this with other people. For example, I convinced my mum to go with me to the gym. This way me and her can encourage each other to go. You can do the same with you roommate, partner, children ( that’s a good one to encourage you because once they are convinced with something it’s hard to be stopped, the power of children I call :D) or even parents like me( and I know that one seems silly for some people but it works! :D).  That way you might end up with a common thing to share as well which strength your bond.

When you have the intention to do something, don’t hold it back and say “busy” or “can’t”. Non of the successful people say those two words. Even if they are busy they do it to make them busier but happier and more successful.

Always remember that your soul, mind, and body have some right on you to be satisfied and happy.

What was the thing you wanted to learn and couldn’t learn it because of crazy life?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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