You are the only one who owns your remote control

We are controlled by so many things and human being, that’s a fact! Since birth we are controlled by our nationality, type, and so on. Somethings can be changed but some don’t.

Off course sometimes people should control us as if we are sick, angry, the boss at work, the teacher at school and so on. That’s completely acceptable, but that control also extend to limits. For example, not because you are working for someone you can let them scream at your face or order you to do something not related to your job and you do it, scared to be fired. You might actually do it but because you want to do it or as a favor but not as an obligatory order. That’s completely understood because at that time it’s you who made the choice. But you don’t have to be a slave to keep your job! I mean there are other jobs that’s not the end of the world. Even if there aren’t, would you really respect yourself when you look in the mirror? Will you accept seeing you controlled and obligated to do something you don’t want to do just to have money or high rank??

Look, reaching your goal either money, power or even someone doesn’t require you to scarify so much of your pride. If there is something I learnt in this life is that if you let your pride and respect go then nothing will go right. Believe me whatever you want all you have to do is to work hard to get as long as you can, keeping yourself safe and happy, if it’s actually meant to you and your destiny then you will have it no matter what. That’s how life goes anyway. Before doing anything or taking any decision always think of what might happen after it, if it’s good or bad and you can take it’s responsibility.

When I say control I know that we should be controlled but always to a limit. Always to the way we want to be controlled. More importantly, is that what control you even if by your own choice never let it ruin you or your life because it did that means bad obsession and you have to let go of it before it destroys you. Remember always that we are the best to make mistakes :D. We are human beings not angels or prophets or even anything near that perfection. However, we are not devils too but if you kept on doing the mistakes and didn’t correct it, that’s how we become devils and fall in a hole full of pain and sins.

Did you even get rid of something controlling you wrongly? What was it?? And what you did?? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx



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