In case you are asking why we change

Everyday we learn new things and lessons that give us either shocks of who we are. These lessons re-shape us. Sometimes if sharpen or soften us.

We all come to the points when we think that we know ourselves so much. At this very moment is the moment where the change starts. No ones knows who is the person who is going to come out. We are always taken away by the wind to a new place in our minds that we know nothing about. Such as the moments we fall in love, we go away, when we lose the people we love and once we thought nothing can break us away. When we give promises that we are sure that we are going to keep but they are always broken. Secrets that we swore that we are going to take them with us to the grave but they escape us so early.

That’s human nature. That’s how life flows. Nothing stays as they’ve always been and if it stayed then there’s either a lie or a hidden truth you can’t see or refuse to see. Let things go as they are meant to be. Don’t stop a person from leaving or loving. Just don’t be scared to change. You might change to worse off course, but what’s more important is why? Why you changed to the worse or better? Some events gets either the best or the worst of us. Such as break ups, the lose of someone we love or the lose of our success or jobs. Sometimes those things makes from us stronger better people and sometimes it reveals the dark side in us.

What I am trying to say here is that don’t get upset or sad if someone told you ” Oh my god! You changed so much”and don’t blame anyone who changed. We all have that hidden part in our lives that non knows about it. We should respect that change and either advice that person and cope up with this change and make the best of it. As I always say we can’t make everyone satisfied and loving us and we can’t keep everyone by our side. We lose some people and will know others on the journey of life. Few only who will stay and those people are the ones we should always take care of.

Have you ever came to the part of your life that you changed so much at??How did you cope up with it? 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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