Miracles can be true if you believe

We all dream of that perfect life. Actually I do all the time. I’ve always convinced myself what I am living now is just the preparation of something great coming.

Most people say that miracles are gone long ago. For me I think they are not completely gone but they are a bless that not everyone get the chance to have them. Who knows?Maybe you are the next blessed person. But what I really know that those blessings are given to chosen people. People who work hard, who have that kind of believe and faith. As they say in Christmas and fairies, if you really believe in them, they will come to you. That might be sentences said to children, but there are some for adults as well. Do you believe in miracles?

When I say miracles I don’t mean those ones like Cinderella’s or Disney tales. I mean the miracle of success, love, happiness. Those are adults miracles. Not a lot have them. If you have them then you are blessed. If you don’t then no worries! If you believed in their existence they will come to you. For example the miracles of success. How do you believe in the miracle of success? In my opinion, it’s when you go to work everyday, work hard, believing that the best is yet to come. Believing that what you are doing today is going to turn to a promotion or high marks for example. Because if you didn’t believe and said that life doesn’t deserve and you go everyday lazy, having no motivation to start your day, do you expect a high salary or a promotion?

To be honest with you as I’ve always been, I started to lose that hope these days. I started to stop believing. I used to enjoy going to school or work everyday. I used to always start my day with that happy high smiles on my face. Me myself used to look in the mirror and say ” It’s going to be your best day and if it wasn’t, don’t worry it’s not the end still there are more day to come”. Nowadays, I started skipping school, less work and all the time I am nervous with low energy. However, I think I am starting to gain my power again. How? Let me tell you a secret. 😉

Any human being is like anything needs to be charged. But the difference is that to charge a human you need to fulfill many things in order to be 100% charged. You need to charge your body first and then your soul. Charge your body by resting, eating well and maybe some workout. Charging your soul by enjoying yourself for sometime, watch something you like and go out with friends. So when you find yourself unhappy or starting to stop believing, know that your battery needs to charged and charge it as best as you can. If even by walking in the open air and eating a bar of chocolate or sitting there for at least an hour doing nothing. You deserve it! Because believe me you are a hero who can have and do miracles 🙂

Any ideas of recharging? 😉 😀 And do you believe in miracles? At least simple ones?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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