Watching – Action= Failing

There’s a quote that says that watching successful people teach us success. That’s a true quote in my opinion but some people only watch and don’t apply what they see.

We are always surrounded by successful stories everywhere, either in real life or TV. However, only small number of us take action of what they see. In that case, I can say that this quote can cause failing not success and learning. How many of us watch TV shows or movies of successful stories in many types and ways and wish they were instead of the actor or actress so they can have the same life. Let’s make this clear, Wishing won’t make you have that life you want. It’s doing!

Sometimes I think of watching it without learning or at least enjoying, if it’s a TV show or movie, as a waste of time. I know you might be saying now that I am a weirdo and boring.Don’t worry, I actually say that sometime too 😀 But Let me tell you what I think of and then you decide if I am a weirdo or practical :D. It’s only one life that we are gonna live and we have to make that one life enough for everything.

I think of life as 2  jars. One for reality, where our home, family, friends, relations, career or school, like everything we live and pass by in real life. The other jar is where our hopes, dreams and wishes are available.  Both jars have so many charms and beads, I always try to take from my hopes and dreams jar to my reality jar. As to make my dreams come true and I take from my reality jar most of my broken beads and charms to the trash, so I can have a better life that I wish for. However, doing this is not that easy because there are a huge distance between jars and the trash. This distance is the distance of working hard, believing and getting rid of all the bad memories or things that might break me and take a space that might a charm of the dreams jar can occupy. When I said waste of time, I meant the time where I stop in the middle of my way. That way can be so long if I stopped more than I walked or even ran. The reasons that might stop us are known. They might be fear, anger, sadness or wasting time. So if achieving your goal or becoming that person you’ve always wished for while watching others can be done as fast as you can so why stopping. Off course you will stop, that’s obvious but what is not obvious is stopping more than usual.

That’s why watching without action will lead you to stop a lot and might make you stop forever if you didn’t continue. And always know that whoever successful person you are watching, they are not better than you. You might be better actually 😉

What does you jar of hope and dreams contain by the way :D?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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