You can’t be the hero all the time

I’ve loved my whole life believing in heroes and sometimes wished I could be one of them. However, heroes can’t be heroes all the time.

When I say heroes, I don’t mean the ability of flying or doing weird stuff as in stories and cartoons. The definition of hero in real life is being the best you can be, let’s say 99% perfect.  100% is obviously IMPOSSIBLE, so does the 99% but let’s say in some cases it might happen. Some people misunderstand that word so much. You don’t have to be all the time sacrifice and straight to be a hero. You don’t also have to be strong or smart to be one. It’s enough to be understandable most of the time, rational and having a kind, well-controlled heart to be one. That state also can’t be afforded by most human n=beings. So if you are that state at least for one time, Then, congratulations! you are a hero!

I’ve been taught that definition wrongly too since my childhood. I thought being a hero is putting others first all the time, being that perfect person that makes no mistakes. Well, that definition can be true but is it real?! In fairy tales, that can be real. However, we are humans. Since our creation we are made to make mistakes and learn from them. We are made so we can’t be perfect. Especially in the life and time we live at now. Being the worst can be so easier than being the best, that even being the best is hard now. I’ve read before a quote that I actually liked so much, which said that being bad is the easiest but being good is the hardest, If you can stay good in the middle of that world and still can live then you are doing the impossible.

What I want to say that putting others before you is good but what if that lead you to a great loss that you can’t afford? What if you expected the best and all you had was the worse? What if you scarified everything and found yourself bare with no one to sacrify for you to at least live?

Don’t be so perfect to be the unreal hero so you don’t fall, and don’t be the devil is controlled by what make you step on people’s necks to get what you want and make you happy.

SO! What are your definitions of hero? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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