Never regret searching for the fun

Having a busy life in anyways doesn’t mean that you should be engrossed in this life all the time. You deserve that sweet little moments to restore yourself and energy.

How many times have we arranged plans and never happened? How many time we had that deal on the group chat of hanging out and ended up the whole group watching TV, saying ” Sorry guys! But new plans came up!. Whatever plans came up wouldn’t be better than enjoying yourself in anyway, even if it meant meeting your friends at the next door ice cream shop or park, because you are too lazy to enjoy the night somewhere else that needs a ride and wearing something else rather than your sweatpants or pajamas.

You might be having all the work or study to do and you are actually squeezed between all your assignments until you nearly forget that you are human being who needs to laugh , feel and enjoy. I am planning to get into the business world. Most of you off course know what that means! Studying 24/7, going to night classes and majoring in many stuff and all of that is the start yet, I didn’t completely start working yet. In working life as a business lady means that all the time online working, planning ready for any crises to happen. However, that will never make from me a robot as I’ve always been. I am finishing my IGCSE these two years with 11 subjects to study for my last 2 years in secondary education and preparing for my AS and Uni. In addition to other courses and sometimes working. And I still try my best come online here, write what I want and feel. I go out frequently and have big plans to travel the world when I start working and planning my own life ( I might write about my plans in achieving dreams that might benefit you sometime). When I say that to some people who are in the same way as me or already in the industry, they say it’s insane and that I am gonna fail. Let’s say I simply have faith and whatever the outcome was and I enjoyed it or learnt from it, I’ll never regret it, but I will actually praise it and tell the story to other generations later :D.

What I am trying to say is that doing whatever you want that makes you happy and smiling, is never a crime and never say ” I could’ve done that instead of wasting time out” because simply you didn’t waste time at all. Instead of blaming yourself, search for a way to fix things and pay for your moments of joy. If I’ve ever learnt anything in this life, is that everything has a cost to be paid. And remember, if your mind made you pick that choice, then know that it needed it so did your body. Enjoy the moment and search for what makes it the best moment ever all the time. It’s that simple! It’s destiny!

Have you ever regretted a moment of joy that was the best thing you have ever had and didn’t ruin anything? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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