We might be different but still the same

The people since so long ago were divided to classes. the division started by who owns the biggest part of land and have the most crops that can keep him and his family alive, this person mostly was the king. Later one at some part of the history it was divided by race and at some other time it was power. I know that most of you would say money but I think that money is just one thing the lead to another. I mean There are people who have great power but not the richest. Money can be a factor but not the main one.

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that when you think of it we are humans, we walk the same land under the same sky. If we got lost, it’s the same stars that guide us to the right path. You want to know what makes you better than others? It’s not a name or a class you earned from your birth, it’s you work and love. It’s your ability to do the magic of fixing the bad things and benefit people more than hurting them. It’s your ability to build not to destroy, to make the world a better place.

We are always the same, god made us equal in a way! Think of it! If someone is pretty, they might not be smart. If someone is pretty and smart, they might not be happy. If someone is pretty, smart and happy, they might not be loved or have someone to lean on. The balance is always equal. It doesn’t matter your gender, race, bank account, or any of these stuff. These stuff is what the society put to regulate the life. But miracles can still happen after all 😉

Don’t give up and keep going on and don’t stop and say he or she is better than me. The moment you say that, is the moment you always regret in your whole life. We are all the same in a way, but we sometimes make us different. Hopefully, always different to the best. We are all born like the blank page and we fill the lines.

And most of all remember that as no one is better than you there is also no one lower than you. We are all humans who deserve a happy and peaceful life. We all deserve to love and be loved, we all deserve to be smiled at 🙂

Always welcome to the corner,

Menna Xx


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