Don’t force it, you will find the right person anyway

We have to accept the fact that we are different human beings. We can’t change it or we can’t change each other by anyway possible.

Leaving our beloved ones that we once thought that’s the person we are going to spend our lives together no matter what. Losing a friend due to different personalities or point of views. As we are different, we live our lives different as well too and that’s not the problem yet. The real problem is when we force ourselves to be with the wrong person or when we try to fix them. Let’s get this straight, we can’t change people, events and the life course might be, but humans can’t change it’s other. It’s like fire against fire, both can’t put off each other, but different elements like water and fire can. Some people don’t even change at all, even if people change it might be late and their actions might not.

The idea I am trying to say that yes it might be hard to change but the earlier to figure out how to change to the better person we are it’s the better it can be. Don’t ever let someone label you or say you are something you are not, because unless you feel that thing and know for a fact that it’s true, it’s never true. People’s strongest weapon of hurting people is their tongue and the weakest spot to hit someone to bleeding is their faith in themselves. As soon as kit’s gone, it’s from the hardest thing to get back and start being confident again. You can go places and know it for a fact, just don’t let the person you are to stop you, you are different yes and be proud in anyway you are different, and if you think it’s not how you want yourself to be, easy! Try to be the best 😉

One more thing, don’t ever force a relationship, or a friendship. It won’t only be the hardest way to live it, if you ever got the chance too, it might cause damage more than healing and building up. Know for a fact that people are like different roses in a field, find you match and go with it. 🙂

Have you ever tried to fix a relationship or a friendship with someone and it was more or pain than support ??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


There is nothing called “wasted time”

As I’ve finished my exams, I’d like to say that during my exams I did a lot of stuff that anyone would say about it ” a waste of time”, but I don’t.  Because in those minutes or hours I learnt something new from watching a TV or relaxed while just sitting. All of these stuff were nothing near a waste of time. You want to know why?

During my exam examination time, I used to study what I need and spend the rest of the day watching TV shows, sleeping, hanging out or just chilling. I know that sounds crazy, but seriously, what’s the point of studying the same thing over and over again and stress over it. It will give me nothing more than anxiety and worry about the exam. When I watched TV shows and enjoyed my time, that and my stress go away and I didn’t waste my time, I actually learnt new things. Such as languages, I used to watch, English, Turkish and sometimes Italian TV shows and movies. I learnt some words of different languages and now I am trying to apply for an Italian course and willing to actually know the language! Which by the way, might look good on the CV 😉 I mean education of school sure counts and an important thing and experience to have but there are other skills away from the school that needs to be developed and if we stayed only focusing on the school, then we might lose these skills and never be able to have them.

Ones before a teacher of me said that in everything benefit, even games. I actually believe that, anything you do helps you to have better skills. Even sleeping, helps you to focus more and rest you body and mind. However, when everything goes more than it supposed to be, it will have negative impact. Like you can’t study all day, sleep all day, play all day. Imaging your day’s hours as boxes you are trying to fill in and the best is to fill it in with different activities and things to do. So Just fill your day wisely.

Always remember that life is short and whatever limit is there you are the one who made it and you are the one who can break it. Just you. People words are just words that without actions are useless. Be the action and prove that not everything they say is right. You are not old or young to do what you want, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t harm anyone, including you. 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

One love is all it needs

Firstly, I’d like to send my prayers to all the victims in every part in the world and always know that it’s never the end. It’s never the finale or the last attack. Be strong the worse is yet to come.

I’ve always learned in my life to wish for the best and expect the worse. That doesn’t mean that after every bad thing happened I just say that this is what I expected and have nothing else to do. I actually think of a way to turn from the disaster and celebration and a moment of pride and legendary. As an example of that the One Love Manchester Concert. Although it was a compensation for the concert that had the attack, I think that was a good move and a very kind one, it made a lot happy not only the people who attended the concert but also the victims who felt the love and care of the people for donating and caring for them and helping them ❤

One of the quotes that I believe at is that in every bad there is good. We don’t know what the future holds and honestly, if we knew we would have chosen not to know and let it be. What I want to say is that whatever happened either good or bad is what drove you to that point and if you thought about it a little more, you would find out that you actually had nothing to do except this and that whatever you did was your best option at the time. Even if what happened was bad, just have patience and you will find out the good of it later. Life is like the Yang Yong, where there is black, there is white. Remember that and keep it in your mind. Sometimes in my darkest times, when I think of that thought I feel way better and it renews the hope in me and keeps me fighting.

Hate can’t go away, it’s a main factor in life that without it there is no life. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be reduced or controlled, all it needs just it’s Yong, love. Life drove us apart and made us busy in our own paths and lives. However, we still meet and become one strong hand, united with love. Love doesn’t have to be shown just when a misery happens, it should be shown in every day life, with your family, friends, co-workers, people in the street. Love was never just a word, it’s an act that needs to be taken.. 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Who Run The World?! You!

In the past few years I’ve learned that people and mainly the circumstances makes us go in different paths that we don’t like or weren’t expected.

Let me make my point clearer. For example, if a person running late in cash and want to buy a new sofa, he might buy a cheap sofa because that’s what he can afford. However, he might  actually wait a little more until he gets more money and buy the sofa he wants. You don’t have to be forced to do something you don’t want or because you can’t make it. There is nothing called impossible. I consider it a word that we just say at anything, although if we actually tried a little harder we might make miracles and dreams come true.

I know my words are repetitive and said zillions of times before, but have you ever thought actually about it? This blog is about making you think further about it. How many decisions you’ve made in your life that you thought later on “ I could’ve done better than this if I just thought more or waited..” It might not be out of regret but maybe that you just want to be better, which is what everyone would love to be. Just not because you want to be better so you do anything whether it’s good or bad.  There is nothing called that anything is possible to reach what you want, because it doesn’t matter what you reach you past is there and will always be there and will haunt you back with its memories so try always to keep it with nice clean ones, so you don’t regret it later.

Try always to keep the world at your command. I know that sounds crazy but I mean try instead of making people and conditions work you out for them and their benefit, you work them for yours, in a good way though without any harm to you or them. As I said, try always to make your past clean so, it doesn’t haunt you later. Remember that the key to success is power and power comes from self-confidence, having faith and not to give up and a tip from me try to play it fairly as much as you can you can be able to have an absolute power and try to be patient 😉 😀

I hope my words weren’t so boring or said before and now please after you close this blog or before you sleep tonight, close your eyes for a moment and try to think deeply about it, it might actually help 😉 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx