There is nothing called “wasted time”

As I’ve finished my exams, I’d like to say that during my exams I did a lot of stuff that anyone would say about it ” a waste of time”, but I don’t.  Because in those minutes or hours I learnt something new from watching a TV or relaxed while just sitting. All of these stuff were nothing near a waste of time. You want to know why?

During my exam examination time, I used to study what I need and spend the rest of the day watching TV shows, sleeping, hanging out or just chilling. I know that sounds crazy, but seriously, what’s the point of studying the same thing over and over again and stress over it. It will give me nothing more than anxiety and worry about the exam. When I watched TV shows and enjoyed my time, that and my stress go away and I didn’t waste my time, I actually learnt new things. Such as languages, I used to watch, English, Turkish and sometimes Italian TV shows and movies. I learnt some words of different languages and now I am trying to apply for an Italian course and willing to actually know the language! Which by the way, might look good on the CV 😉 I mean education of school sure counts and an important thing and experience to have but there are other skills away from the school that needs to be developed and if we stayed only focusing on the school, then we might lose these skills and never be able to have them.

Ones before a teacher of me said that in everything benefit, even games. I actually believe that, anything you do helps you to have better skills. Even sleeping, helps you to focus more and rest you body and mind. However, when everything goes more than it supposed to be, it will have negative impact. Like you can’t study all day, sleep all day, play all day. Imaging your day’s hours as boxes you are trying to fill in and the best is to fill it in with different activities and things to do. So Just fill your day wisely.

Always remember that life is short and whatever limit is there you are the one who made it and you are the one who can break it. Just you. People words are just words that without actions are useless. Be the action and prove that not everything they say is right. You are not old or young to do what you want, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t harm anyone, including you. 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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