Can it be real ..?

When we hear about someone who is so happy and satisfied in their life or so successful or got lucky, people say that it’s his or her luck and that if it happened it mostly happen on TV shows , movies and in the dreams.

It’s true that most of what we see on the screens is not true and much more prefect than reality, but have you ever thought about that idea that if someone thought about it then it actually exists in the real life? We are all human beings at the end and it doesn’t matter how genius and smart someone is our celling of thought always has a limit that we all have and can reach and no one can reach more than it. Therefore, Whatever we see and open our mouths in surprise and astonishment, I think we also can reach that much of greatness.  I know that what I am thinking about is a little bit weird and a lot of overthinking but I actually have been watching a lot of TV shows this holiday and I couldn’t help but notice the details and watch normal people around me, compare the reality and what’s-so-called dream world and compare them and I found out that both world are the same, just a little more purified.

I’ve tried to actually try this dreamy world in real life to prove that to myself that everything is possible. I tried even the simple things like my lifestyle such as trying to have healthy food and simple one too like I didn’t get the expensive type of food to keep myself healthy I tried with the simple stuff I had and it actually kind of worked. I have been sporting and take care of myself. I tried to change my life plans like instead of just sitting around caring about nothing to actually get engaged in the conversations around me and training in the career I am planning to have. I started leaning new languages and planned for my senior year that I would be doing more than just studying for my diploma, like having driving lessons, or writing more something that doesn’t only depends on my grades, after all school is go to be done but my life won’t and I still have a lot to learn other than my lessons and ALs.

After all, it seemed to me that what we see on the screens can actually happen in real life if we want, it depends on how we want it. We don’t have to be statues to be perfect, remember that whatever we see on the screen or dream of is all created by a human being, just like you. They create the story and scenario to make an imaginary story for us to enjoy or learn from. You too! Create your own story and your own heroes. It’s your own life babe! Live it as much as you can and make from your own life a story that is the nearest to perfection, because the truth is nothing is called perfection.

How do you see what is on the screen now? Still impossible to happen in real life yet? 😉 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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