The dead stars are shining

May I ask you a question? Why did our world became full of lies? I mean why did we became easily deceived by the shining diamonds that covers the black heart and dead souls?

As I said in the title that most of the bright stars that we see at the night are really dead, but we still get amused by how shiny they are. In the past, they used to say believe what you see, not what you hear. Now, don’t even believe yourself sometimes, because even us lie on ourselves. Life became a BIG play with the same script of the past but different cast. The truth somehow became not trusted, because we started to believe the lies we say that we actually forgot the truth.

We have always been classified to classes. By money, status or power. The young and weak people are seen as useless, while they actually are the only ones who might be seeing the uncovered truth. My point is that not everything seem shiny or cracked looks like what is shows. So don’t believe what you see in your hands, take a step back and have a look on the bigger picture. Sometimes we get blinded of how we might be actually taken to a very dark place, but they fill our mind all the way about how bright and beautiful that place is, just to get us out of the way. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a peaceful, humanitarian place, with all the laws and rules to protect us from each other. Things for someone in my age seem so dark and hopeless. I am a high school student in her senior year who is supposed to be hopeful about her successful future, and I am! Really! But, sometimes I take a step back and look at the full picture and try my best to see the truth with no illusion and all I can see is darkness and destruction, maybe a little bit of light if I am lucky enough. Although all of that, somehow I find the hope in me. I feel that my fight is not here yet, although I keep fighting for my family, friends or even anyone I can. I feel like I might be tired now before even I start fighting for my own.

I feel like my faith in humanity is gone but I still try to lock what’s left inside from evaporating and fading in the air. It’s not right for someone in my age to face things like what’s in the news and the world around here everyday. When will us the youth and the people who though for years that what keeps them from their dream is their luck to have a chance? When will our faith in humanity be full again? I dream and keep the faith in hope for a better world that I might find when it’s the time for my fight. Day dreaming and overthinking, if not all the time, then most of it. I wish that one day life would become easier, cleaner and more true with no lies, no hiding.

After all, maybe the starts that I see at night are dead, but they still shine even after they are no longer there :).

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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