It’s nothing like what you think

We human beings have that habit of thinking that we are the only right ones. Just to get this straight, no one is 100% true. That’s perfection and perfection with all the theories and perspectives can’t exist.

It’s like if someone says that they know you so well and judge even before making sure of their ideas. We are not all what we seem or look like. We all lead different lives and have different personalities. Like not because that person is stupid then he or she can’t do anything in there lives. They can even be more successful than a smart one who thinks that no one deserves his or her smartness. Somehow there is that theory that if a person is wearing expensive clothes or brands then they might get people to trust him. I don’t know why but I think that I have read this somewhere before. Anyway, my idea is that not because of how people look or talk then it shows the really them.

You know! Sometimes when I think or get asked of what supernatural power I would wish to have, I would be thinking of the power of reading people’s brain. Understanding people is hard and if you ever underestimated someone it can cause embarrassment or even danger. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how a person look, talk or show how loyal and trust worthy he or she is. It’s not always as it seems. It’s also annoying sometimes when that happens to you. Like if someone thought of you as a stupid or thought of you as something you would actually hate to even think of it. Other times it can be useful actually.

The human being thoughts can be so different and variant. However, there are some thoughts that we all mostly agree to like fear of death or searching for a person to love or trust. We might not show this or agree to it, but we all have those thoughts anyway. So if someone told you that they don’t care if they died, well they do. It’s something in us nit by our hands. Like if you got that person into the water and they can’t swim they will try their best to survive.Even if it’s not his own who tries to survive, it’s his body.

We all have something to hide, weakness point or some beautiful emotion that we hide so no one can get access to you or break you through it. It’s a fact, the question is why? Why can’t people stop thinking on how to protect and trust? I know the answer as you do but I still can’t keep the thought away. The thought that whatever is around us is not what it’s actually is. It’s a mask that hides a lot behind it. Just because lies and looks can work better than truth.

Somehow that blog might not make sense but at the moment my mind is like a messy room with a lot of thoughts about that topic and as always I don’t think i am the only one 🙂 😀

What are your thoughts??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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