Are you still waiting for a reply?

With the technology developing and one of the main ways of communication are chatting apps. I’ve been reading a lot of memes and posts about messaging. Like how annoying is it when you message someone and checking your phone every second for a reply, but hopelessly, nothing. Sometimes they might have actually read it, but still the last message on the screen is yours.

Normally, I always expect the good will, like they might not have been able to reply yet or something bad might have happened and I actually start to worry. That’s how you can keep your mind away from all the negative ideas that revolves in your mind. After all, if you were in that person’s shoes you might be thinking the same. Away from the idea of good will and so on also the idea of keeping the good relations with people. Always think of how your friendship or relationship with that person might end up if you accused him or her of some bad will and you actually turned up to be wrong. Always think of the consequences. So don;t worry, it’s not always your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you or that your best friend is ignoring you. Relax and think it well and carefully through. Because it doesn’t matter how many times you might explain yourself later. Whatever it’s said is out there. You can’t take it back.

On the other hand, don’t always expect that people are all angels. We are all 2-halves. Yin and Yang. Black and white. We all have an angel and a devil sides inside us. Therefore, the idea of how far are you going with the good will thing depends on the person. Like not because he told you that he or she loves you deeply then off course they are not cheating on you. Remember his or her history. Didn’t they cheat on their ex ,for example, with you? Sorry for the example by the way, just the nearest that came to my mind. My point here is that bring blindly trusting is a relaxing thing that you won’t have to imagine dozens of scenarios, but also keep an eye.

One more advice that I really, really would love you taking it in consideration. Don’t make any of it a big deal. Even if you see yourself true 100%. No one is 100% true, we obviously see ourselves that because if we don’t trust ourselves who we will. It’s human nature. Don’t go on fire and burn everything down in a moment of anger, because one day you will look back at the ashes and regret it so much. Whenever things gets south, always try to end the conversation before it becomes that type of conversation  that you would curse yourself for ever allowing it and losing the people you love or destroying your beautiful dream with your bare hands. Stop it and leave the place immediately. Think of it wisely, and only include the judgments of the people you know who care about you and can by any chance trust their judgment. Never ever get in the way people who might benefit of that misunderstanding or might lead you to a misery. Also remember that forgiveness can happen, especially if it means not losing someone you love, care about or trust. They so rare to find, so keep them in your life as long as you can.

Don’t lose them over a text 😉

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