This world we usually hear it when it’s too late like when someone shout “Wait! Don’t go!” from behind you when i ‘s too late for you to wait or “Wait! You still can do it!” When you have already gave up. oh my lord, how many times I wished to hear it earlier. When I could actually wait and enjoy the moment.

Life makes us always in a hurry that the day pass that you don’t even know when did the sunset and the moon started shinning in the sky. Like another day has passed and I couldn’t listen to that song once again, or read that book that the dust has covered it from waiting. Another day is gone and again I am not even a step near living my life rather than racing with other people in this life. Just like that blog. It’s irony, but I have wanted to write that blog for 3 days today.

I wish I could listen to a song and really listen to it’s lyrics, enjoy it’s music not caring about my deadlines or sleeping early because tomorrow I have what to do. I wish I could wait before I have to, or before it’s too late. It’s like life has made us dissolve in it’s troubles and races just as easy as sugar dissolves in hot water. Life has even made every moment incomplete because our bodies might be living the moment but our minds? Won’t you be thinking about tomorrow’s meeting while sitting with your family or friends. A simpler example? Won’t you be thinking about when those two characters would break up while they just became together this episode?

I no longer know if it’s life’s quickness or our impatience, but I know that we really need to wait. To look around us, and give the moment what it really deserves, so we can live life rather than passing by it. It’s one life 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


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