It has been more than a year

Today is my birthday. Thank you if you wished me a happy birthday while reading this :D. Normally, I look at my day when I am about to sleep and think of my mistakes and good points that I have done, kind of revising myself. Same I do to my years. This year felt more than just 365 days for me. Like the time got stretched or something.

This year made me laugh, get frustrated, feel the love and the hate. It didn’t me cry anyway, As I promised myself 2 years ago that I will never cry again that I nearly forgot how it feels to let your tears run down your cheeks. However, I made my promise for another year. It might not be a good choice or a promise to make but sometimes when I am on the edge of just shedding a tear, that power of sadness and crying is somehow turned to strength, maybe even anger. I’ve met new people. Some of them were always there but I just knew them this year. Some others are brand new. Even the people I thought I  knew some of them turned out different than I knew them for the best or the worse. I can say that people this year didn’t exactly disappoint me, maybe even taught me valuable lessons. And most important one that I kept reminded with is that, people simply change.

There were moments that I felt my life is falling a part like Autumn leaves. Some others made me feel that I am an inch away from toughing the sky. Life is up and down, true! I just learnt to enjoy the ups and stay strong during the downs to enjoy the next up. I also had some achievements like finishing my IGCSEs with great results. I got more involved and took more responsibilities in my family and life, which I think strengthened me than ever and it will keep strengthening me. I can’t deny that I had wished to accomplish more, but ,hopefully, I still have another year to do more and more.

At the end of the day, it was more than just a year to me. It was kind of a punch in the face but it was worth it. It woke me up a little more and opened my eyes and mind for a lot of things. It made me re-think about many people and strategies. Just remember one thing. Do the good to find it. I know it might be hard to do but try to stick to it. However, do good as long as you can and someone deserves it. Because otherwise, you might suffer rather than finding the good.

Wish you all a happy day and Birthday if someone’s birthday is today too 😉 :D. Stay strong, passionate and blessed.

Always Welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx