One wish

If while shopping for the new year’s you passed by an antique shop and found an old lamp that you liked, then you bought it. After going home you tried to clean the dust on it and a genie came out of the lamp and asked you to wish one wish, only one. What would you wish?

(P.S. wishing to have more than one wish is not allowed 😀 )

For me, I would wish to relive all the moments of happiness that I lived for my first things, like my first mobile phone, yeah I am old enough that when i was a child mobile phones weren’t that easy to get one as a child, or my first big toy or my first trip with my family, or my first time I went to the beach. More and more, countless moments that as I grew up, they started to fad. the feeling for anything new meant a new start that would mean more responsibility or actually being an adult. Like my first day at university. I got the university I want, I was so happy but then I remembered that it’s just the start for something bigger. Life would never be easy as it used to be.

But the saddest part? That somehow with all the stress or new planning for life ahead I forgot along how to be that happy. Purely happy, just like a child. True, I learned how to be differently happy like learning new things or even being behind the wheel for the first time, yeah I like cars. That’s a different kind of happiness, maybe adulthood happiness, the one that comes with it’s worried or danger. It felt and tasted differently but never like the careless happiness of childhood.

What are you wishes? Share them below in the comments, maybe you can find you wish-mate.

Happy New Year Everyone! Wish this year brings you that happiness, success that you want and get you closer with who you love.

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx



Did you open your gifts or not?? What did you get?? I hope it’s what you wished for 😀

In my opinion, what’s more valuable than the gift is being surrounded by the people you love, remembering the epic moments of the year, catching up with each other, laughing That’s what feasts are for, right??

More importantly, is forgiving. Pick up your phone right now or laptop and contact that person who had a fight with and start a new year with love not hate. And don’t worry that won’t show your weakness as people say, believe me that will show you big heart letting others respecting you. Make sure that when you and everyone gather around the tree that non is upset from you or have some kind of hate so you can start a new clean year full of love and blessings.

Can you do me a favor please?! Don’t play sad songs in Christmas time please! Look, if you broke up with someone or lost someone close to you, either move on or call them right away for a second chance. But don’t regret anything with the start of the year. If you want something or someone do your best and get it/him before it’s too late.

One more thing, tell everyone that you love him, appreciate the moment with them, non knows what the future holds for us. Remember hugging everyone before you go. Wish for the best! Don’t wish something from anger and end up like Kelvin in Home alone, every year he wishes to have a holiday alone and his wish come true 😀 . Even if you got into a fight with someone at the time just end it and end it in a hug not a punch in the face 😀

OH! I almost forgot! Look there is something that I hate so much and I am sure you guys also hate, but I found a solution for it that might help you as well. It’s when you are surround with family and everyone is saying their achievements and everyone is blaming you for like not getting married yet or not getting a higher job or whatever. Don’t be upset, but instead remark any achievement you did and proud of and point it out.It doesn’t matter how small or big it is, it’s off course something remarkable and needs to be said!

That blog actually is longer than it should be right?? ANYWAY! I wish you luck if you are bringing your BF/GF this holiday 😉 😀 I also wish the best of luck for meeting the family 🙂 i hope you enjoyed this blog and gave you some piece of excitement for the holiday! 😀


Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx