Don’t force it, you will find the right person anyway

We have to accept the fact that we are different human beings. We can’t change it or we can’t change each other by anyway possible.

Leaving our beloved ones that we once thought that’s the person we are going to spend our lives together no matter what. Losing a friend due to different personalities or point of views. As we are different, we live our lives different as well too and that’s not the problem yet. The real problem is when we force ourselves to be with the wrong person or when we try to fix them. Let’s get this straight, we can’t change people, events and the life course might be, but humans can’t change it’s other. It’s like fire against fire, both can’t put off each other, but different elements like water and fire can. Some people don’t even change at all, even if people change it might be late and their actions might not.

The idea I am trying to say that yes it might be hard to change but the earlier to figure out how to change to the better person we are it’s the better it can be. Don’t ever let someone label you or say you are something you are not, because unless you feel that thing and know for a fact that it’s true, it’s never true. People’s strongest weapon of hurting people is their tongue and the weakest spot to hit someone to bleeding is their faith in themselves. As soon as kit’s gone, it’s from the hardest thing to get back and start being confident again. You can go places and know it for a fact, just don’t let the person you are to stop you, you are different yes and be proud in anyway you are different, and if you think it’s not how you want yourself to be, easy! Try to be the best 😉

One more thing, don’t ever force a relationship, or a friendship. It won’t only be the hardest way to live it, if you ever got the chance too, it might cause damage more than healing and building up. Know for a fact that people are like different roses in a field, find you match and go with it. 🙂

Have you ever tried to fix a relationship or a friendship with someone and it was more or pain than support ??

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

We might be different but still the same

The people since so long ago were divided to classes. the division started by who owns the biggest part of land and have the most crops that can keep him and his family alive, this person mostly was the king. Later one at some part of the history it was divided by race and at some other time it was power. I know that most of you would say money but I think that money is just one thing the lead to another. I mean There are people who have great power but not the richest. Money can be a factor but not the main one.

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that when you think of it we are humans, we walk the same land under the same sky. If we got lost, it’s the same stars that guide us to the right path. You want to know what makes you better than others? It’s not a name or a class you earned from your birth, it’s you work and love. It’s your ability to do the magic of fixing the bad things and benefit people more than hurting them. It’s your ability to build not to destroy, to make the world a better place.

We are always the same, god made us equal in a way! Think of it! If someone is pretty, they might not be smart. If someone is pretty and smart, they might not be happy. If someone is pretty, smart and happy, they might not be loved or have someone to lean on. The balance is always equal. It doesn’t matter your gender, race, bank account, or any of these stuff. These stuff is what the society put to regulate the life. But miracles can still happen after all 😉

Don’t give up and keep going on and don’t stop and say he or she is better than me. The moment you say that, is the moment you always regret in your whole life. We are all the same in a way, but we sometimes make us different. Hopefully, always different to the best. We are all born like the blank page and we fill the lines.

And most of all remember that as no one is better than you there is also no one lower than you. We are all humans who deserve a happy and peaceful life. We all deserve to love and be loved, we all deserve to be smiled at 🙂

Always welcome to the corner,

Menna Xx

A moment of thinking…

Have you ever stopped for a moment and started thinking over and over about the events in your life and how your journey up to her has been a long way along? I did and I do all the time, mostly searching for answers to questions that I sometimes don’t know. Sounds weird, right? 😀

What I meant by questions I don’t know are those that I ask myself when I feel sad or happy for no reason. Those times when you know there is something which is really good or really bad but you don’t know. However, from the most important questions I always ask myself is  ” Do I regret anything I’ve done in my life so far?” I always search for the answer “No”.  I always search my life events and search for what might be better if changed, what might I’ve done to make things better. It doesn’t matter how hard I think of better options I know that the best thing to do is not to regret anything I’ve done. Because firstly, Regret won’t make me feel any better and secondly, I had nothing else to do at the time that might made the situation better, and without those actions I might never be here now writing this blog..

Having a moment of thinking does’t mean only questions. Sometimes, I just… think. I just replay my day before I sleep and think of the people and events I was surrounded by today. I don’t mean  by that to annoy myself or think of the negative things that happened today, I always either think of the good things or how not to make those negative things happened today happen again. I don’t mean by thinking before sleeping “Over thinking”. I actually don’t believe in over thinking and that your brain do them on it’s own. No, every thing happens in this word s a reflection of another action or decision, we don’t see them or relate them but they are. If you over think before you sleep then probably your body is tired or that something happened today that upset  you and that’s the reaction your brain does to express the pain. I do get them sometimes but I always try  to replace them with a happy memory or a beautiful song that I like.

That doesn’t mean that I am a happy person who lives in a pink bubbly world, because I am not 😀 I also get upset and sad a loooooot of times! But I just say so what! It’s not the end of the world, it will move on! However, that doesn’t mean to drop the subject. I mean we all got goals and believes that we fight for in this life and that’s what mostly brings us the pain of failing and sadness. Don’t give up fighting! Just don’t be sad or moron for too long because you might lose a lot more than you win.

What are your moments of thinking too? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Keep sharing the +ve vibes!

Being sad and negative about most of things in your life is really fine, but at the end of the day we should be satisfied with who we are and what we do. It’s either this or we won’t have a life!

Just wait for a sec. and think. Do you really like the way things are? If yes then you should be really thankful because not a lot have such a blessing. But if not, also be fine too because that’s another blessing! I know that might sound weird but I have strong believes that when you are in a hard situation, it’s not the time to be sad and angry on anyone including yourself. It’s a bitter sweet challenge, that if you handled it good and right, then you actually passed a hard test in your life that ones again if it happens, you will know very well that it can’t stop or annoy you!

Therefore, I try always to be positive about everything in my life. Even in the hardest, worst situations. Sometimes, my family and friends say that I don’t have feelings that even in the worst, saddest situations I still laugh, and make jokes. But that’s not because I am weird or empty as some of you might think as my family. It’s my way to make me and everyone one around just out of their sadness or anger so we can find a solution easily.  Well, yeah I actually keep my anger and sadness in myself and try to keep it away really hard enough that whenever I am alone I start all the negative thinking. So, I found that if I kept that energy inside me for sometime, it will be hard so I start thinking positive and get rid of that non needed energy by listening to music, playing it, drawing, coloring, sports. Just anything to help me get my mind clear and focused on the positives and solutions.

More importantly is to not only shower yourself with all the +ve energy but also shower other people with it too! Believe me, if you want a relaxing, positive working area or a peaceful family reunion is really hard because we are all humans and we all have our pains and sorrows. So the only way to make everything positive is creating a huge field of happiness and energy that keeps everyone instead of cursing the day they got employed at, they just enjoy what they are doing at least :D. Try to make out of that boring same conversations meeting to a energetic, enthusiastic place of chit chatting and laughs 😀

Just keep sharing the positive energy not only with you soul but also with everybody around you! Remember! Sharing is caring 😉 😀

What do you do to get rid of the negative energy you have? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Everything comes on time

Most of us get stressed over late relationships, success, marriages and so on easily. As much as I think that stressing is such a healthy thing to do and have but why?

I’ve been always concerned about everything in my life, Like my grades, my next relationship or friendship and lately my career. It’s actually pretty normal to get stressed over things and especially late things. But let’s think of it more closely. Does your concern and stress speed up or fix things? Well, I don’t think so. Therefore, I think it’s better to think of those things or ways to fix them better!

I believe that patience and calmness are gifts, but more important that some people have them but they don’t know their existence! I’ve spent my whole life just until this year stressing and having no patience. This year I decided that I will not worry or stress myself at any cost, because when I stress things go wrong. Therefore, I started to train myself on patience and calmness even in hard situations so I can handle them as much as I can and  don’t lose control. I know that might seem hard and sometimes impossible in some severe situations when being calm is that last thing you can do, but just try. I mean whatever happens is our fate whether we accept it or not it’s going to happen, all we can do is trying our best to make things better in the most possible way. ” Wishing for the best expecting the worse.. 😀

So be patient as much as you can! Whatever you want to happen will happen. You are going to get promoted, or married or whatever you want. It’s all a matter of time. I picture life as a train station where every stop is a new station in our lives. And what we do on trains while travelling? We get to know new people, read more, work and sometimes we might think better of what to do in the next stop.

What I mean is that instead of sitting and waiting, think and plan! So when whatever you wait for is there, you don’t have to waste time and get to enjoy it till the max.! Keep your patience full! 😀

What are you waiting for? Are you patient or can’t wait ?! 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

The Strategy of New Experiences

Who doesn’t get bored of our daily routine? I’ve been always stuck in the routine and as any student life, it’s really hard to get out of this routine cycle. However, I kind of developed this idea of trying new stuff and I actually loved it!

I started from simple way of changes to kind of major ones. From physical changes up to actually internal changes.  For example, I started tasting new food that I’ve always said that I’ll never try and that I hate. I told myself that how can I hate something, at least when someone asks my for the reason I would have an answer. Therefore, I decided to taste food I’ve never even bothered to try before, to actually find out that I was completely wrong to ignore it and hate some of it. Even my way of living, I started to try being healthier and try going to the gym and try sports. Believe me! If you asked anyone about me last year, especially my mum, they would say that I was so lazy! Especially at holidays and weekends. I was like hold on a minute, if I am actually lazy to fetch the remote control from the coffee table in front of me, then what am I going to do when I am an adult with dozens of responsibilities? How can I even get to move to get these responsibilities and my life on track? I even decided to change my hair style that I’ve been having for as long as I remember and even ended up dying my hair. Well at least now when someone asks about dying their hair I would have an experience to share and know from it.

Those were the simple stuff. Let’s get really to the part of me changing? I started to laugh more, talk more, socialize more. I am no longer shy or get angry and upset easily as I used to be 2 years ago I guess. I realized that I want to survive and success this life I should have both the white and black side and control which part is shown for who, when and where. I understood that if I feared strangers and people in general from now, I won’t achieve my dream of at least a successful career life later on life. I won’t simply enjoy my life the way I dream of. I started reading more, learning more. I started to focus more on my targets and aims. And learning can’t come without trying, making mistakes and learning from them. That’s why trying new stuff has became a main target in my life. I started to care more about leaning new languages and cultures. I want to feel engaged in every way that is useful and not harming myself in a stupid way or a kind of a selfish, irresponsible one.  It’s only one life to live, laugh and enjoy.

Therefore, when you have the chance to try something new which is actually harmless. GO ON! Think of your CV and your next time when you speak with your friends or scrolling your photo album. Think of what you might add up to those! 😀

What new experiences you wish to have?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

You can go places

I’ve read a quote one day that meant that as long as you think then you exist. It doesn’t matter who you are as long as you have a good aim in this life that can make this world a better place or even you a better person. It doesn’t matter how simple this idea as long as you have it, believe in it and go on! Do it!

Don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your goal. I mean can we live without a goal to run after? Imagine if you don’t, what will you think of doing when you wake up in the morning? Believe me, if you actually reached to the limit that you have nothing to achieve or think of you will find this life so boring that doesn’t deserve to be lived. Always find yourself what makes you reach the next step, next level.

As long as you are breathing, have faith that you still can do something, anything. Who knows? Maybe that thing is that star that we put on top of the Christmas Tree to make it complete and shiny. It doesn’t matter how old are you, if you are living in a castle or a small room somewhere. Are you breathing? Awesome! Now let’s do something to make me live happier and better.

To get to motion and do something you need to actually believe in yourself that you can do it. Because if you lost hope then nothing will happen, you will actually achieve nothing, because you will also have no hope in anything in life if you lost of your existence already. So, what do you think? Lose hope or give it a shot? Giving up isn’t a word to be said, it’s a feeling of failing and the strong feeling of actually doing nothing. Because if you say you gave up but you still go to work, eat, drink and want to survive then you obviously didn’t give up living. SO! Don’t give up already! 😀

Now, Part 3. Now, you have faith, ready to be happy and successful more than ever, because you deserve it, Let’s have a deal of some rules and words to keep in mind. Never ever listen to haters or jealous people who all they care for is letting everyone sad, upset and all the time behind them. You know you can do it and you will do it! Tried 100 times and failed? So what! Numbers are infinite! 😀 Try for the 101 time 102.. Tried too much and a professional person said that you actually can’t or you found out that this isn’t convenient for you and just a waste of time. Okay then, why giving up? Why getting upset? Maybe there is something else you are better at! Keep searching until you find it 😀

At the end of the day, believe that you can do it! You can go places. High ones, maybe even until you reach the stars 🙂

Have you ever regretted giving up? How?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Never regret searching for the fun

Having a busy life in anyways doesn’t mean that you should be engrossed in this life all the time. You deserve that sweet little moments to restore yourself and energy.

How many times have we arranged plans and never happened? How many time we had that deal on the group chat of hanging out and ended up the whole group watching TV, saying ” Sorry guys! But new plans came up!. Whatever plans came up wouldn’t be better than enjoying yourself in anyway, even if it meant meeting your friends at the next door ice cream shop or park, because you are too lazy to enjoy the night somewhere else that needs a ride and wearing something else rather than your sweatpants or pajamas.

You might be having all the work or study to do and you are actually squeezed between all your assignments until you nearly forget that you are human being who needs to laugh , feel and enjoy. I am planning to get into the business world. Most of you off course know what that means! Studying 24/7, going to night classes and majoring in many stuff and all of that is the start yet, I didn’t completely start working yet. In working life as a business lady means that all the time online working, planning ready for any crises to happen. However, that will never make from me a robot as I’ve always been. I am finishing my IGCSE these two years with 11 subjects to study for my last 2 years in secondary education and preparing for my AS and Uni. In addition to other courses and sometimes working. And I still try my best come online here, write what I want and feel. I go out frequently and have big plans to travel the world when I start working and planning my own life ( I might write about my plans in achieving dreams that might benefit you sometime). When I say that to some people who are in the same way as me or already in the industry, they say it’s insane and that I am gonna fail. Let’s say I simply have faith and whatever the outcome was and I enjoyed it or learnt from it, I’ll never regret it, but I will actually praise it and tell the story to other generations later :D.

What I am trying to say is that doing whatever you want that makes you happy and smiling, is never a crime and never say ” I could’ve done that instead of wasting time out” because simply you didn’t waste time at all. Instead of blaming yourself, search for a way to fix things and pay for your moments of joy. If I’ve ever learnt anything in this life, is that everything has a cost to be paid. And remember, if your mind made you pick that choice, then know that it needed it so did your body. Enjoy the moment and search for what makes it the best moment ever all the time. It’s that simple! It’s destiny!

Have you ever regretted a moment of joy that was the best thing you have ever had and didn’t ruin anything? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Do we actually search for troubles?

It doesn’t matter who we are or how our life goes. It doesn’t matter if we are really rich or poor, hard workers or lazy, have such an awesome life and people we love or alone broken and sad. Even if we have no troubles, we will still search for the trouble.

That’s actually what keeps our life and minds healthy, worry. I’ve had some friends and relatives who told me ones that if they don’t have an enemy or troubles, they can’t enjoy living. I actually agree to the concept that we should have at least have one thing to keep us sad or a goal to stress over to reach. That way we can balance our emotions, because if we reached to the max limit or satisfactory in our lives, we will have no reason to wake up the next morning.

However, as I mentioned above the reason for this to keep us running after a goal in our lives, to balance our emotions not to live the drama life or the life of celebration 24/7. Because both ways of maximum happiness or sadness will lead to an end which might be going crazy or even death.

Therefore, I don’t agree with people who just keeps on putting pressure on themselves just to keep their mind busy and eyes red of less sleep or crying. I am a person who admires the smile, which I guess that’s a gift from god. I don’t like bring sad or angry for more than it needs. I don’t keep running the movie of what incident that happened today in front of my eyes for the next week so every time I remember I get more angry or sad. Off course I don’t forget the lesson I learnt that day, but still I don’t make a list of enemies who I plan for getting rid of them day and night. I believe that we all deserve a balanced satisfying life. Neither by the laughing or crying all the time. Honestly, I get better use of that time I cry at by finding solution to make me less cry 😉

Like I remember the last time I’ve shed a tear was 2 years ago. I don’t even remember the reason as much as I learnt the lesson. I learnt that at this point it’s either I can take responsibility of my decision and learn to depend on myself more than anything or anyone in this life or I will always stay helpless and cry. I still up till now remember that lesson as many others, and since that time instead or cursing my luck and crying I remember that one time I promised myself to take responsibility and that in every bad thing there’s a hidden good thing in the future. Because at the end of the day, our choice and paths are what drive us to where we are. As the famous quote says ” Instead of cursing darkness, light a candle” 🙂

Remember that as much as you cry you have to laugh. We all want that life of no black hearts and hate, but we won’t find this one until we stop worrying more than living. Let’s start by ourselves and make our lives easier than it ever was. 😉

What’s the most important lesson you’ve ever learnt in life?

Do you actually search for troubles? Think of this one deeply 😉 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

You can’t be the hero all the time

I’ve loved my whole life believing in heroes and sometimes wished I could be one of them. However, heroes can’t be heroes all the time.

When I say heroes, I don’t mean the ability of flying or doing weird stuff as in stories and cartoons. The definition of hero in real life is being the best you can be, let’s say 99% perfect.  100% is obviously IMPOSSIBLE, so does the 99% but let’s say in some cases it might happen. Some people misunderstand that word so much. You don’t have to be all the time sacrifice and straight to be a hero. You don’t also have to be strong or smart to be one. It’s enough to be understandable most of the time, rational and having a kind, well-controlled heart to be one. That state also can’t be afforded by most human n=beings. So if you are that state at least for one time, Then, congratulations! you are a hero!

I’ve been taught that definition wrongly too since my childhood. I thought being a hero is putting others first all the time, being that perfect person that makes no mistakes. Well, that definition can be true but is it real?! In fairy tales, that can be real. However, we are humans. Since our creation we are made to make mistakes and learn from them. We are made so we can’t be perfect. Especially in the life and time we live at now. Being the worst can be so easier than being the best, that even being the best is hard now. I’ve read before a quote that I actually liked so much, which said that being bad is the easiest but being good is the hardest, If you can stay good in the middle of that world and still can live then you are doing the impossible.

What I want to say that putting others before you is good but what if that lead you to a great loss that you can’t afford? What if you expected the best and all you had was the worse? What if you scarified everything and found yourself bare with no one to sacrify for you to at least live?

Don’t be so perfect to be the unreal hero so you don’t fall, and don’t be the devil is controlled by what make you step on people’s necks to get what you want and make you happy.

SO! What are your definitions of hero? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx