You can go places

I’ve read a quote one day that meant that as long as you think then you exist. It doesn’t matter who you are as long as you have a good aim in this life that can make this world a better place or even you a better person. It doesn’t matter how simple this idea as long as you have it, believe in it and go on! Do it!

Don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your goal. I mean can we live without a goal to run after? Imagine if you don’t, what will you think of doing when you wake up in the morning? Believe me, if you actually reached to the limit that you have nothing to achieve or think of you will find this life so boring that doesn’t deserve to be lived. Always find yourself what makes you reach the next step, next level.

As long as you are breathing, have faith that you still can do something, anything. Who knows? Maybe that thing is that star that we put on top of the Christmas Tree to make it complete and shiny. It doesn’t matter how old are you, if you are living in a castle or a small room somewhere. Are you breathing? Awesome! Now let’s do something to make me live happier and better.

To get to motion and do something you need to actually believe in yourself that you can do it. Because if you lost hope then nothing will happen, you will actually achieve nothing, because you will also have no hope in anything in life if you lost of your existence already. So, what do you think? Lose hope or give it a shot? Giving up isn’t a word to be said, it’s a feeling of failing and the strong feeling of actually doing nothing. Because if you say you gave up but you still go to work, eat, drink and want to survive then you obviously didn’t give up living. SO! Don’t give up already! 😀

Now, Part 3. Now, you have faith, ready to be happy and successful more than ever, because you deserve it, Let’s have a deal of some rules and words to keep in mind. Never ever listen to haters or jealous people who all they care for is letting everyone sad, upset and all the time behind them. You know you can do it and you will do it! Tried 100 times and failed? So what! Numbers are infinite! 😀 Try for the 101 time 102.. Tried too much and a professional person said that you actually can’t or you found out that this isn’t convenient for you and just a waste of time. Okay then, why giving up? Why getting upset? Maybe there is something else you are better at! Keep searching until you find it 😀

At the end of the day, believe that you can do it! You can go places. High ones, maybe even until you reach the stars 🙂

Have you ever regretted giving up? How?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Never regret searching for the fun

Having a busy life in anyways doesn’t mean that you should be engrossed in this life all the time. You deserve that sweet little moments to restore yourself and energy.

How many times have we arranged plans and never happened? How many time we had that deal on the group chat of hanging out and ended up the whole group watching TV, saying ” Sorry guys! But new plans came up!. Whatever plans came up wouldn’t be better than enjoying yourself in anyway, even if it meant meeting your friends at the next door ice cream shop or park, because you are too lazy to enjoy the night somewhere else that needs a ride and wearing something else rather than your sweatpants or pajamas.

You might be having all the work or study to do and you are actually squeezed between all your assignments until you nearly forget that you are human being who needs to laugh , feel and enjoy. I am planning to get into the business world. Most of you off course know what that means! Studying 24/7, going to night classes and majoring in many stuff and all of that is the start yet, I didn’t completely start working yet. In working life as a business lady means that all the time online working, planning ready for any crises to happen. However, that will never make from me a robot as I’ve always been. I am finishing my IGCSE these two years with 11 subjects to study for my last 2 years in secondary education and preparing for my AS and Uni. In addition to other courses and sometimes working. And I still try my best come online here, write what I want and feel. I go out frequently and have big plans to travel the world when I start working and planning my own life ( I might write about my plans in achieving dreams that might benefit you sometime). When I say that to some people who are in the same way as me or already in the industry, they say it’s insane and that I am gonna fail. Let’s say I simply have faith and whatever the outcome was and I enjoyed it or learnt from it, I’ll never regret it, but I will actually praise it and tell the story to other generations later :D.

What I am trying to say is that doing whatever you want that makes you happy and smiling, is never a crime and never say ” I could’ve done that instead of wasting time out” because simply you didn’t waste time at all. Instead of blaming yourself, search for a way to fix things and pay for your moments of joy. If I’ve ever learnt anything in this life, is that everything has a cost to be paid. And remember, if your mind made you pick that choice, then know that it needed it so did your body. Enjoy the moment and search for what makes it the best moment ever all the time. It’s that simple! It’s destiny!

Have you ever regretted a moment of joy that was the best thing you have ever had and didn’t ruin anything? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Do we actually search for troubles?

It doesn’t matter who we are or how our life goes. It doesn’t matter if we are really rich or poor, hard workers or lazy, have such an awesome life and people we love or alone broken and sad. Even if we have no troubles, we will still search for the trouble.

That’s actually what keeps our life and minds healthy, worry. I’ve had some friends and relatives who told me ones that if they don’t have an enemy or troubles, they can’t enjoy living. I actually agree to the concept that we should have at least have one thing to keep us sad or a goal to stress over to reach. That way we can balance our emotions, because if we reached to the max limit or satisfactory in our lives, we will have no reason to wake up the next morning.

However, as I mentioned above the reason for this to keep us running after a goal in our lives, to balance our emotions not to live the drama life or the life of celebration 24/7. Because both ways of maximum happiness or sadness will lead to an end which might be going crazy or even death.

Therefore, I don’t agree with people who just keeps on putting pressure on themselves just to keep their mind busy and eyes red of less sleep or crying. I am a person who admires the smile, which I guess that’s a gift from god. I don’t like bring sad or angry for more than it needs. I don’t keep running the movie of what incident that happened today in front of my eyes for the next week so every time I remember I get more angry or sad. Off course I don’t forget the lesson I learnt that day, but still I don’t make a list of enemies who I plan for getting rid of them day and night. I believe that we all deserve a balanced satisfying life. Neither by the laughing or crying all the time. Honestly, I get better use of that time I cry at by finding solution to make me less cry 😉

Like I remember the last time I’ve shed a tear was 2 years ago. I don’t even remember the reason as much as I learnt the lesson. I learnt that at this point it’s either I can take responsibility of my decision and learn to depend on myself more than anything or anyone in this life or I will always stay helpless and cry. I still up till now remember that lesson as many others, and since that time instead or cursing my luck and crying I remember that one time I promised myself to take responsibility and that in every bad thing there’s a hidden good thing in the future. Because at the end of the day, our choice and paths are what drive us to where we are. As the famous quote says ” Instead of cursing darkness, light a candle” 🙂

Remember that as much as you cry you have to laugh. We all want that life of no black hearts and hate, but we won’t find this one until we stop worrying more than living. Let’s start by ourselves and make our lives easier than it ever was. 😉

What’s the most important lesson you’ve ever learnt in life?

Do you actually search for troubles? Think of this one deeply 😉 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

You can’t be the hero all the time

I’ve loved my whole life believing in heroes and sometimes wished I could be one of them. However, heroes can’t be heroes all the time.

When I say heroes, I don’t mean the ability of flying or doing weird stuff as in stories and cartoons. The definition of hero in real life is being the best you can be, let’s say 99% perfect.  100% is obviously IMPOSSIBLE, so does the 99% but let’s say in some cases it might happen. Some people misunderstand that word so much. You don’t have to be all the time sacrifice and straight to be a hero. You don’t also have to be strong or smart to be one. It’s enough to be understandable most of the time, rational and having a kind, well-controlled heart to be one. That state also can’t be afforded by most human n=beings. So if you are that state at least for one time, Then, congratulations! you are a hero!

I’ve been taught that definition wrongly too since my childhood. I thought being a hero is putting others first all the time, being that perfect person that makes no mistakes. Well, that definition can be true but is it real?! In fairy tales, that can be real. However, we are humans. Since our creation we are made to make mistakes and learn from them. We are made so we can’t be perfect. Especially in the life and time we live at now. Being the worst can be so easier than being the best, that even being the best is hard now. I’ve read before a quote that I actually liked so much, which said that being bad is the easiest but being good is the hardest, If you can stay good in the middle of that world and still can live then you are doing the impossible.

What I want to say that putting others before you is good but what if that lead you to a great loss that you can’t afford? What if you expected the best and all you had was the worse? What if you scarified everything and found yourself bare with no one to sacrify for you to at least live?

Don’t be so perfect to be the unreal hero so you don’t fall, and don’t be the devil is controlled by what make you step on people’s necks to get what you want and make you happy.

SO! What are your definitions of hero? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Watching – Action= Failing

There’s a quote that says that watching successful people teach us success. That’s a true quote in my opinion but some people only watch and don’t apply what they see.

We are always surrounded by successful stories everywhere, either in real life or TV. However, only small number of us take action of what they see. In that case, I can say that this quote can cause failing not success and learning. How many of us watch TV shows or movies of successful stories in many types and ways and wish they were instead of the actor or actress so they can have the same life. Let’s make this clear, Wishing won’t make you have that life you want. It’s doing!

Sometimes I think of watching it without learning or at least enjoying, if it’s a TV show or movie, as a waste of time. I know you might be saying now that I am a weirdo and boring.Don’t worry, I actually say that sometime too 😀 But Let me tell you what I think of and then you decide if I am a weirdo or practical :D. It’s only one life that we are gonna live and we have to make that one life enough for everything.

I think of life as 2  jars. One for reality, where our home, family, friends, relations, career or school, like everything we live and pass by in real life. The other jar is where our hopes, dreams and wishes are available.  Both jars have so many charms and beads, I always try to take from my hopes and dreams jar to my reality jar. As to make my dreams come true and I take from my reality jar most of my broken beads and charms to the trash, so I can have a better life that I wish for. However, doing this is not that easy because there are a huge distance between jars and the trash. This distance is the distance of working hard, believing and getting rid of all the bad memories or things that might break me and take a space that might a charm of the dreams jar can occupy. When I said waste of time, I meant the time where I stop in the middle of my way. That way can be so long if I stopped more than I walked or even ran. The reasons that might stop us are known. They might be fear, anger, sadness or wasting time. So if achieving your goal or becoming that person you’ve always wished for while watching others can be done as fast as you can so why stopping. Off course you will stop, that’s obvious but what is not obvious is stopping more than usual.

That’s why watching without action will lead you to stop a lot and might make you stop forever if you didn’t continue. And always know that whoever successful person you are watching, they are not better than you. You might be better actually 😉

What does you jar of hope and dreams contain by the way :D?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Miracles can be true if you believe

We all dream of that perfect life. Actually I do all the time. I’ve always convinced myself what I am living now is just the preparation of something great coming.

Most people say that miracles are gone long ago. For me I think they are not completely gone but they are a bless that not everyone get the chance to have them. Who knows?Maybe you are the next blessed person. But what I really know that those blessings are given to chosen people. People who work hard, who have that kind of believe and faith. As they say in Christmas and fairies, if you really believe in them, they will come to you. That might be sentences said to children, but there are some for adults as well. Do you believe in miracles?

When I say miracles I don’t mean those ones like Cinderella’s or Disney tales. I mean the miracle of success, love, happiness. Those are adults miracles. Not a lot have them. If you have them then you are blessed. If you don’t then no worries! If you believed in their existence they will come to you. For example the miracles of success. How do you believe in the miracle of success? In my opinion, it’s when you go to work everyday, work hard, believing that the best is yet to come. Believing that what you are doing today is going to turn to a promotion or high marks for example. Because if you didn’t believe and said that life doesn’t deserve and you go everyday lazy, having no motivation to start your day, do you expect a high salary or a promotion?

To be honest with you as I’ve always been, I started to lose that hope these days. I started to stop believing. I used to enjoy going to school or work everyday. I used to always start my day with that happy high smiles on my face. Me myself used to look in the mirror and say ” It’s going to be your best day and if it wasn’t, don’t worry it’s not the end still there are more day to come”. Nowadays, I started skipping school, less work and all the time I am nervous with low energy. However, I think I am starting to gain my power again. How? Let me tell you a secret. 😉

Any human being is like anything needs to be charged. But the difference is that to charge a human you need to fulfill many things in order to be 100% charged. You need to charge your body first and then your soul. Charge your body by resting, eating well and maybe some workout. Charging your soul by enjoying yourself for sometime, watch something you like and go out with friends. So when you find yourself unhappy or starting to stop believing, know that your battery needs to charged and charge it as best as you can. If even by walking in the open air and eating a bar of chocolate or sitting there for at least an hour doing nothing. You deserve it! Because believe me you are a hero who can have and do miracles 🙂

Any ideas of recharging? 😉 😀 And do you believe in miracles? At least simple ones?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

In case you are asking why we change

Everyday we learn new things and lessons that give us either shocks of who we are. These lessons re-shape us. Sometimes if sharpen or soften us.

We all come to the points when we think that we know ourselves so much. At this very moment is the moment where the change starts. No ones knows who is the person who is going to come out. We are always taken away by the wind to a new place in our minds that we know nothing about. Such as the moments we fall in love, we go away, when we lose the people we love and once we thought nothing can break us away. When we give promises that we are sure that we are going to keep but they are always broken. Secrets that we swore that we are going to take them with us to the grave but they escape us so early.

That’s human nature. That’s how life flows. Nothing stays as they’ve always been and if it stayed then there’s either a lie or a hidden truth you can’t see or refuse to see. Let things go as they are meant to be. Don’t stop a person from leaving or loving. Just don’t be scared to change. You might change to worse off course, but what’s more important is why? Why you changed to the worse or better? Some events gets either the best or the worst of us. Such as break ups, the lose of someone we love or the lose of our success or jobs. Sometimes those things makes from us stronger better people and sometimes it reveals the dark side in us.

What I am trying to say here is that don’t get upset or sad if someone told you ” Oh my god! You changed so much”and don’t blame anyone who changed. We all have that hidden part in our lives that non knows about it. We should respect that change and either advice that person and cope up with this change and make the best of it. As I always say we can’t make everyone satisfied and loving us and we can’t keep everyone by our side. We lose some people and will know others on the journey of life. Few only who will stay and those people are the ones we should always take care of.

Have you ever came to the part of your life that you changed so much at??How did you cope up with it? 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Free yourself

We are all prisoners of our busy lives. But do we really want to stay prisoners? Can we have our freedom back?

I know that if we answered yes to the questions above means destroying at least a small part of our lives and causing damage to our career life or so on. But we want to say no, don’t we? Therefore, I think that being busy and having such a crazy life with different meanings can get us to the max of our energy. I’ve always respected the idea of working life or busy social life and have been following yet since I was a child. However, as I grow up I realized that this much respect can lead us to the edge of the cliff.

I thought about the idea of achieving status, success and happy life. Those are the profit of all the sad and stressed nights we live. They come in the end true, but they come late. So let’s take a second and think of our day. How it goes? If you are in that young age then I am pretty sure that your day goes with at least one problem. That’s what makes life cool and makes the adrenaline flow in our body. However, sometimes we are not pleased with the sense. So! I thought of controlling this sense or to be more specific make this sense flow of happiness if needed. Off course stress needed and anger, actually without them we might get crazy because we need to always balance our emotions. But we need to balance it, nit crying or shouting 24/7.

I’ve always loved new experiences, surprises, knowing new people. Sometimes, fulfilling this need can be hard or even impossible due to whatever prison I am at if work of education. I tried always to find space for it anyway. Like I might be having exam tomorrow but there’s a new movie to watch. In this case I plan my studying hours for the day and make space for time to watch that movie, because I know that if I didn’t do that I would be upset and I won’t do good in the exam. C’est La Vie! You plan your life for working, family, friends but make sure that you always get out of that prison of the life cycle. People get weaker and worse if left in prisons for so long 😉

How do you free yourself from your prison? 😉 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

You are the only one who owns your remote control

We are controlled by so many things and human being, that’s a fact! Since birth we are controlled by our nationality, type, and so on. Somethings can be changed but some don’t.

Off course sometimes people should control us as if we are sick, angry, the boss at work, the teacher at school and so on. That’s completely acceptable, but that control also extend to limits. For example, not because you are working for someone you can let them scream at your face or order you to do something not related to your job and you do it, scared to be fired. You might actually do it but because you want to do it or as a favor but not as an obligatory order. That’s completely understood because at that time it’s you who made the choice. But you don’t have to be a slave to keep your job! I mean there are other jobs that’s not the end of the world. Even if there aren’t, would you really respect yourself when you look in the mirror? Will you accept seeing you controlled and obligated to do something you don’t want to do just to have money or high rank??

Look, reaching your goal either money, power or even someone doesn’t require you to scarify so much of your pride. If there is something I learnt in this life is that if you let your pride and respect go then nothing will go right. Believe me whatever you want all you have to do is to work hard to get as long as you can, keeping yourself safe and happy, if it’s actually meant to you and your destiny then you will have it no matter what. That’s how life goes anyway. Before doing anything or taking any decision always think of what might happen after it, if it’s good or bad and you can take it’s responsibility.

When I say control I know that we should be controlled but always to a limit. Always to the way we want to be controlled. More importantly, is that what control you even if by your own choice never let it ruin you or your life because it did that means bad obsession and you have to let go of it before it destroys you. Remember always that we are the best to make mistakes :D. We are human beings not angels or prophets or even anything near that perfection. However, we are not devils too but if you kept on doing the mistakes and didn’t correct it, that’s how we become devils and fall in a hole full of pain and sins.

Did you even get rid of something controlling you wrongly? What was it?? And what you did?? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


Surround yourself with happy thing (maybe people sometimes)

I know that the title seems weird (not the first time though) but as they say don’t judge a blog by it’s title :D. we all have that mood when we are so pissed off, sometimes even with no reason. Some of us call their beloved ones to tell them what’s wrong. Lately, I found that might not be the best solutions.

I figured out that those people we call, it doesn’t matter how much they love you or you love them, are also humans who have troubles and pissed just like you. If they love you much they would listen to you but that might make them more sad or annoyed but they won’t tell you. Others will shut you or excuse for anything just to hang the phone up. Therefore, the best thing is to keep each other’s negative energy and anger separated.

So I said to myself wait a minute.. If people can’t help (most of the time), then what about things?  What about my cheer up playlist? Happy Movie list? 😀

I started keeping my favorite music in a place that whenever I want it I get it, like phone USB, and so on. I started organizing my Movie CDs of folders on PC by my favorite, happy ones first. Same with my closet, accessories, BOOKS! Those are my REAL escape. I also started collection pillows and pillow cases. I know that you might think I am a weirdo now, but i found that when I sleep of sit with a comfy pillow or favorite pillow with it’s case beside my kicking it, sleeping on it, relaxes me so much :D. Perfumes as well proved to change moods. So I always try to buy those perfumes that when I sniff them I feel like ” THAT’S THE ONE!” :D.

To sum up the tips that blog has on how to basically make yourself happy or at least satisfied:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Books
  • TV Shows
  • Favorite Clothes, pillows, perfumes and so on.
  • Don’t bother people because they will never care for you as you do 😉

Any other tips :D?? I’d love to know as well as everyone else 😀

Always welcome to the corner,

Menna Xx