Yup! That’s what life would always do to you. Surprises! Plan all you want, if you are lucky enough most of your plans will go as you want but not all of them.

Today, I was watching a show that the actor said something that is so true. He said that life is a big test, therefore, whatever you think is your next step or that what you is the truth. Well, the truth has two faces and your next step might not be the next step you know. However, it’s all a test, and if you failed life’s test, gave up easily, then may you find the help you need.

On the other hand, if you just were patient and thought that test through, maybe you can crack it and reach your hopes. Just know one thing. Most of the time what life plans for you, and if you were successful to it’s test as I mentioned above, the result might be even better than what you had in mind.

Just go with the flow.

Mostly it will be a hard test, be prepared. Be prepared to not lose, not lose that battle to life. You are a champion, we are all. That might seem a bit cliché but it’s a truth that we always forget. Look at the bigger picture, always look towards the end, the horizon not underneath your feet. Or at least don’t look below you feet for too long until you lose it.

Life has prepared me a lot of surprises these days. Completely the opposite of what I had in mind, not so good surprises even. However, I know that if I gave up now I know I will never be able to make plans anymore. Moreover, I am trying to get as much benefit of these surprises. Trying to be as optimistic as I can. Because the only one who can help me now, is me.

I hope life bring you happy surprises though :D.

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


Time passes, wish it would fly

A year ago, I had dreams. Big dreams, somehow unrealistic one even. However, I always had a complete faith in me. I knew that one day I might reach those dreams. But now, I don’t know.

I mean everyday I wake up, I cross my fingers that it’s going to be a good one. A day that I will do something extra, something that will restore that faith in my dreams back again. Just as I walk out from the door, my hopes hit the ground again.

The people I used to laugh with, talk to or even share simple, pure moments with, are no longer there. They are there but we say hellos and byes like strangers now. That if we even came to say them. I think I lost my track but did I? I started double thinking and doubting everything in my life again. Every choice I made. Just it’s too late for me to doubt anything now. People are hoping big of me but in fact I am hoping bigger.

All I dreamed of that all the years of pain, and hard working would finally pay. Pay as much as I worked for them. I think that’s fair, isn’t it? I really wish they would one day.

But after all of that I still have faith, it might have decreased but I still do and I am always trying to keep that way. I don’t want to waste all of my faith in seeing what other faithless people do. Spiteful person, or liar or even the stranger who ones were the nearest to me are no longer there, will never pull me down to the bottom. Even if they did, remember that always the bottom is the least you can get, the only way left for you to go by then is up.

It all depends on you. Do you want to stay at the bottom, or rise?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


Sometimes I wish I would just lay in bed all day. Just listen to music, read books, I don’t just stay away from life, from people and everything. Like i want a holiday from the world.

I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. Sometimes I just want to be out all day and enjoy my life by doing whatever I feel like. Here’s the trick, tho. I can’t do both. My life isn’t that easy to just do whatever I want and go outside or complicated enough that makes me stay in bed all day. It’s like I am somewhere between heaven and hell.

Sometimes I wonder how would it be to be in heaven, like the simplest life ever there can be. Or at least simpler than this. Just like the movies we see, you know. Sometimes I wonder how would it be like to be in the hell of life. Always on the fire line, on the run. The harshest life there ever. Other times, I think if I would wish the life I am living if I were in both sides, simple or harsh life.

Some days I feel like I am just in track, I know what exactly I am doing and where to go. Other days, I am just in “Araf”. I was watching a tv show the past day and a quote caught my attention. The quote said:

“Araf is to stay in between. Darkness and light, love and hatred, mind and madness, death and life, right and wrong, good and evil is to stay between.

I wanted to write this blog to let who is feeling the same like me now, that they are not alone. Also that as we are in such a place now, soon our visions will get clearer, our hearts will know their destinations and our mind will no longer know stay lost. Just patience, hard to ask but only patience, positivity and looking forward what can help us to get out of this. 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Rain, sun, repeat.

In my country, spring is like life. You can’t know when is it going to rain or the sun is going to shine.

Just like life. You get dressed, put a smile on your face and step out of your house wishing for a good day ahead of you. But then you come back home with the smile faded and just wish that you would let go of all what happened that day. Other days, you wake up cursing that day, that time, and you get dressed and go yurt because you have to. Then the day surprises you! And you return back home wishing to never let go of that day’s memories and sleep with the biggest smile on your face. Just like the weather here. Some days are rainy and blue but other are sunny and warm.

We can’t have sunny days all the time. I know you wish we did, but imagine with me. We are happy everyday, a day will come that we badly wanna cry, scream, get angry. At least now if your life is not going that sunshiny, you can always wish for those day. Instead of having a sunshiny life and wishing for rainy days.

My point is that bad and good days are what make our life has a meaning, what makes our life not boring or meaningless in fact. Like if you kept watching happy movies all the time or sad ones. Eventually, one day you will be done with it. Therefore, just praise the days we live and always keep hoping for sunshiny days. 😉

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Fed up yet?

We all have that person who makes you help him with their job/assignment and guess what! They don’t even remember you on normal bases. You are their favorite when a deadline is coming up or exams are just around the corner. There is that other type that uses you for who you are, like money, connections, intelligence and the worst part? They show that they care about you even though they are using you.

Those exactly the type of people who you always have the urge to punch them in the face. However, you don’t and mostly you end up doing what they wanted in the first place. I mean I am even mad writing about them, that my typing speed is faster than light now.

I know they are annoying, but they exist and they are not going to go away any time soon. It doesn’t matter how much you try to build your walls or make your boarders clear, they find their way e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e. Therefore, don’t bother, just find a way to keep them within the space you want them to be.

I mean sometimes they actually need the help and it’s not affecting you, then so what. Helping is good, but not always though. In other words, just help when you can and when you can’t or will affect you then simply and politely just refuse. Some don’t understand words, right?! No problem! We are going to let them understand. Turn them down once, twice, probably they will catch up on the idea that you can’t or not able to help them. If after all of that they are still showing “disrespect” then unfortunately, their hearts might be a little broken. Just be brave and say it! Though try saying it in a good way. 😀

I know, not helping is a bad thing but sometimes, there are people who don’t need help but still they want to know what you got. Like that guy in college that would get straight As but still asks you about the answers of questions that he already knows, just to know what you got extra. Those are not help, that’s called time wasting. Instead, you could use that time to help someone who is really in need of help, like yourself or that other guy in the same class who really tries his best to learn the lesson but he can’t just keep up with the professor.

That was a long one, but at the end I hope I could show my idea in the best meaning of it. Some people really deserve to be helped and allowed in our lives. On the other hand, unfortunately, some don’t, they would just cause troubles more than anything. And my point here is to keep them away, for your own and everybody around you who you care about’s sake.

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

A dose of keeping up

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to just disappear to thin air?! Like you never existed or as if this whole life is just a dream/nightmare and you wake up into an easier life or more of an adrenaline rushed one? Just starting from the top. I do, and every night.

Lately, life hasn’t been going anyway easier or less complicated if even it’s passing by. Today is like tomorrow just like yesterday but with more stress, deadlines or troubles. It’s even hard to tell the days sometimes. C’est la vie!

However, when you think it can never go anywhere past this, you find it coming your way as fast as it can. Troubles of life I mean. But after all, a night out with your friends or family, a movie night with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or a nice book with a cup of your favorite drink and the best music would actually feel worthy after all the bad, weird days you pass. Although good times go by so fast, it’s sweet memories won’t fade.

Sometimes you hit rock bottom, but just remember that when you do that’s when it’s the least you can get and it will be the time to rise. And remember, most people are incredibly talented at dragging you down or turning their backs or even better! Stab you in the back. Again, c’est la vie! I like a quote from Harvey Specter , Suits The Tv show. He said ” Let them hate. Just make sure they spell your name right.” In fact, let them hate! Better than loving you in your face and hating you behind your back. People who care about you are the ones who you will find by your side at the hardest times. Not the ones who remember you when it’s their benefit or to spend good time with you. They are the ones who want to be next to you at your hardest times. If you found the person, then lucky you!

I know that all of that is nothing new, I might have even said those words a lot in many of my previous blogs. But, an extra dose to make us keep up with life isn’t bad after all. Right?!

Remember, you are a magnificent weirdo just like me, and people like us are rare to find 😉 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Different stories

One of the things that I sometimes think of is what kind of people or stories is out there in the world. Believe me, I can stay for an hour or maybe more just going from conclusions to reasons and from one person’s story or life to another. It’s really weird but that’s how sometimes waiting for time to pass can look like 😀

Anyway, I won’t lie to you. The reason I am writing this blog is somehow might be silly :D. As this summer, especially lately, I started watching LOADS of TV shows, movie and stuff like that. You might even notice from previous blogs this summer. Look, I am not that type of person who would enjoy sitting around doing nothing and as sometimes I have no other choice other than that, being engaged in other stories doesn’t sound bad to me D. So I started to watch SO many TV shows. Well, I am not addicted yet, maybe a little obsessed with the stories I see.

I love thinking of how might a story go if a different route was taken. It might be freaky but somehow it helps me to think of the possibilities and choice I might have if I got into a similar situation or even to help me understand how might people act according to their different stories. Let me make this clearer. When I hear a story of a person or watch a TV show I learn what kind of situation he or she might be at and how they will act. That way it helps me that when for example I ask something from my colleague and they show some type of a tense reaction for no reason, then something not good must’ve happened. I start to put scenarios and I don’t push my request that I might even search for a way to help if I can. It’s weird and believe me, doing this sometimes, puts me in weird situations with people, because off course no one now do anything for free. Unfortunately, the world changed so much to let free favors take place.

Just my point is that, We all have different stories, different cast too. You might be supported by your families, friends while others don’t. Always think of the people around you as of different versions and expect anything. a year or two before I would have advised you to think of the good intentions first with everyone. well, today I won’t, Today, I would tell you watch your back. The good intentions might only exits with your family or people you think might care just not to lose them or fight over non trust and stuff like that, but always be careful. Watch. your. back!

Remember that your story is different from their’s.

What was the wierdst story you heard or saw and thought about for so long?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

The dead stars are shining

May I ask you a question? Why did our world became full of lies? I mean why did we became easily deceived by the shining diamonds that covers the black heart and dead souls?

As I said in the title that most of the bright stars that we see at the night are really dead, but we still get amused by how shiny they are. In the past, they used to say believe what you see, not what you hear. Now, don’t even believe yourself sometimes, because even us lie on ourselves. Life became a BIG play with the same script of the past but different cast. The truth somehow became not trusted, because we started to believe the lies we say that we actually forgot the truth.

We have always been classified to classes. By money, status or power. The young and weak people are seen as useless, while they actually are the only ones who might be seeing the uncovered truth. My point is that not everything seem shiny or cracked looks like what is shows. So don’t believe what you see in your hands, take a step back and have a look on the bigger picture. Sometimes we get blinded of how we might be actually taken to a very dark place, but they fill our mind all the way about how bright and beautiful that place is, just to get us out of the way. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a peaceful, humanitarian place, with all the laws and rules to protect us from each other. Things for someone in my age seem so dark and hopeless. I am a high school student in her senior year who is supposed to be hopeful about her successful future, and I am! Really! But, sometimes I take a step back and look at the full picture and try my best to see the truth with no illusion and all I can see is darkness and destruction, maybe a little bit of light if I am lucky enough. Although all of that, somehow I find the hope in me. I feel that my fight is not here yet, although I keep fighting for my family, friends or even anyone I can. I feel like I might be tired now before even I start fighting for my own.

I feel like my faith in humanity is gone but I still try to lock what’s left inside from evaporating and fading in the air. It’s not right for someone in my age to face things like what’s in the news and the world around here everyday. When will us the youth and the people who though for years that what keeps them from their dream is their luck to have a chance? When will our faith in humanity be full again? I dream and keep the faith in hope for a better world that I might find when it’s the time for my fight. Day dreaming and overthinking, if not all the time, then most of it. I wish that one day life would become easier, cleaner and more true with no lies, no hiding.

After all, maybe the starts that I see at night are dead, but they still shine even after they are no longer there :).

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Productivity knows no strategy

In the past year, I’ve been told that I study a lot or that I spend a lot of time studying and that I am a nerdy- which wasn’t so true by the way :D. Well, Studying too much was true especially that in my country most students have private lessons out of school to help them in studying and scoring high marks. So even if it wasn’t myself studying alone I would be having a lesson anyway. Therefore, people started asking me how do I do it? Like what type of strategy I follow to keep me studying without being sick of the book, although I actually hardly sit focusing for so much time on learning some kind of information.

SO! First of all! I didn’t have any strategies or time tables expect those ones to remind me of my exam timings, or my lessons.  The only thing I had was faith and goals. Goals of having my own successful, famous, global business or being one day one of the youngest entrepreneurs or  have an early PhD. Big hopes right 😉 :D? Anyway, I had the aim of high score and achievements. So simply, I followed my heart and used my mind. I did what I see best to me. I didn’t study complete full hours, I used to watch TV shows or listen to music when I just get sick of it all. I made my favorite food or asked my mum, actually :D. I knew my duties well and knew my date and deadlines very well. I tried my best to enjoy it like hanging out mainly every weekend with my friends or got to the gym to get rid of the negative energy and on the exam days I practiced my own sport at home. I did it all hoping to get the best marks but I didn’t put that as a must. I just did my best and went for it.

Most importantly, is that I LOVED what I did. I picked the subjects that I love and loved to major at, so whatever I did was pleasing me more than just studying for it. It meant more. Therefore, an advice from me to you, do what you love. Don’t get obligated to something, because if you don’t love it, you won’t give it what it needs from you. When you do the something you love, you will find yourself doing it and spending time in it just as easy and gentle as the water flows.

That was about my studies but that applies to everything, to your job, your relationships, everything. So if you are reading this and there is that thing you that someone forced you to do, well refuse it! Do what you think you are best for and that you enjoy. Remember that if the thing you are doing is joyful to you then you will never need strategies to keep it always to the top 😉

SO! What changes are you going to change now? What doesn’t need strategies to produce for you 😉 :D?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Can it be real ..?

When we hear about someone who is so happy and satisfied in their life or so successful or got lucky, people say that it’s his or her luck and that if it happened it mostly happen on TV shows , movies and in the dreams.

It’s true that most of what we see on the screens is not true and much more prefect than reality, but have you ever thought about that idea that if someone thought about it then it actually exists in the real life? We are all human beings at the end and it doesn’t matter how genius and smart someone is our celling of thought always has a limit that we all have and can reach and no one can reach more than it. Therefore, Whatever we see and open our mouths in surprise and astonishment, I think we also can reach that much of greatness.  I know that what I am thinking about is a little bit weird and a lot of overthinking but I actually have been watching a lot of TV shows this holiday and I couldn’t help but notice the details and watch normal people around me, compare the reality and what’s-so-called dream world and compare them and I found out that both world are the same, just a little more purified.

I’ve tried to actually try this dreamy world in real life to prove that to myself that everything is possible. I tried even the simple things like my lifestyle such as trying to have healthy food and simple one too like I didn’t get the expensive type of food to keep myself healthy I tried with the simple stuff I had and it actually kind of worked. I have been sporting and take care of myself. I tried to change my life plans like instead of just sitting around caring about nothing to actually get engaged in the conversations around me and training in the career I am planning to have. I started leaning new languages and planned for my senior year that I would be doing more than just studying for my diploma, like having driving lessons, or writing more something that doesn’t only depends on my grades, after all school is go to be done but my life won’t and I still have a lot to learn other than my lessons and ALs.

After all, it seemed to me that what we see on the screens can actually happen in real life if we want, it depends on how we want it. We don’t have to be statues to be perfect, remember that whatever we see on the screen or dream of is all created by a human being, just like you. They create the story and scenario to make an imaginary story for us to enjoy or learn from. You too! Create your own story and your own heroes. It’s your own life babe! Live it as much as you can and make from your own life a story that is the nearest to perfection, because the truth is nothing is called perfection.

How do you see what is on the screen now? Still impossible to happen in real life yet? 😉 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx