Never regret searching for the fun

Having a busy life in anyways doesn’t mean that you should be engrossed in this life all the time. You deserve that sweet little moments to restore yourself and energy.

How many times have we arranged plans and never happened? How many time we had that deal on the group chat of hanging out and ended up the whole group watching TV, saying ” Sorry guys! But new plans came up!. Whatever plans came up wouldn’t be better than enjoying yourself in anyway, even if it meant meeting your friends at the next door ice cream shop or park, because you are too lazy to enjoy the night somewhere else that needs a ride and wearing something else rather than your sweatpants or pajamas.

You might be having all the work or study to do and you are actually squeezed between all your assignments until you nearly forget that you are human being who needs to laugh , feel and enjoy. I am planning to get into the business world. Most of you off course know what that means! Studying 24/7, going to night classes and majoring in many stuff and all of that is the start yet, I didn’t completely start working yet. In working life as a business lady means that all the time online working, planning ready for any crises to happen. However, that will never make from me a robot as I’ve always been. I am finishing my IGCSE these two years with 11 subjects to study for my last 2 years in secondary education and preparing for my AS and Uni. In addition to other courses and sometimes working. And I still try my best come online here, write what I want and feel. I go out frequently and have big plans to travel the world when I start working and planning my own life ( I might write about my plans in achieving dreams that might benefit you sometime). When I say that to some people who are in the same way as me or already in the industry, they say it’s insane and that I am gonna fail. Let’s say I simply have faith and whatever the outcome was and I enjoyed it or learnt from it, I’ll never regret it, but I will actually praise it and tell the story to other generations later :D.

What I am trying to say is that doing whatever you want that makes you happy and smiling, is never a crime and never say ” I could’ve done that instead of wasting time out” because simply you didn’t waste time at all. Instead of blaming yourself, search for a way to fix things and pay for your moments of joy. If I’ve ever learnt anything in this life, is that everything has a cost to be paid. And remember, if your mind made you pick that choice, then know that it needed it so did your body. Enjoy the moment and search for what makes it the best moment ever all the time. It’s that simple! It’s destiny!

Have you ever regretted a moment of joy that was the best thing you have ever had and didn’t ruin anything? πŸ˜€

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


Be easy and enjoy the moment (Tips & Hacks)

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting lately but it has been so hard to find time for myself actually.

Most of us care so much about their image and how do they look more than how do they feel. For example, I know people who can actually carry a full bag of clothes, make up or whatever to get ready for a hang out after school or work. Well, I find that cool actually but it takes time so if you have an hour to enjoy after this all you have like 30 minutes. Not to mention, the rush and stress which makes the joy fades. So! I tried to be naturally on the fleek for the last couple days. Here is what I did:

1. Make sure my hair is as nice as it can be either by a sleeping routine hairstyle or using heating hairstyles that lasts for sometime.

2. Have masks or a programe of skin care which keeps the skin most of the time if not always glowing and fresh with the use of a good soap in the morning that matchs your skin type

3. For me I never cared for the clothes part actually because I always tried my best to have the best style I can by noticing other people fashion and making it as simple and it can for me. But a piece of advise, if what you wear is comfortable and chick in your eyes with some confident, you will be a runway model. So always make sure that even in uniforms you look the best you can.

4. Enjoy it! You saw yourself in the mirror this morning. Liked yourself till admiration, don’t bother again unless there is something really wrong that you need to check it. 

Don’t let anything stop you ! You have a unique magic that god gave you that gave to no one. We are different in different ways. Show your magic! 

So! What do you think about the tips ? Are you going to follow any πŸ˜€ ? Do you have any of yours ? Comment below maybe it can help me as well πŸ˜€ 

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Say hello to holidays !!

Finally, my school days are over by today. It’s time to celebrate ! Right ?? But, what happens after celebration?? Like shouldn’t I find something useful to do for the rest of my free days ??

Well, that’s what I was thinking about like a week ago when I realized that school work is over. Time for another type of work. That work which gives you more experience that books in my school library does. πŸ˜€

I thought of different stuff that might be helpful and thoughtful for you and me as well, I mean let’s consider this as a thinking out loud together for 

The list of options and ideas for this summer:

As we mentioned summer then we should mention sea, beach and pool and that’s my type of celebration I think after chilling at home for like 2 or 3 days or maybe more πŸ˜€

Then comes to reading some books that might be useful and exciting. What about some series and movies so by the end of this holiday you would have seen a huge number of shows so when you talk with someone about TV or stuff , you will be 99% understanding what’s going on πŸ˜€

I mean for me it’s a problem because due to projects and high school I got no time for series and so on that when my buddies talks about any of those I feel ” man, why do I feel I am from Mars or something πŸ˜€ ” 

What about making some money? I thought about making jewelry and selling them online or for the neighbourhood , or a shift at Starbucks or fixing stuff such as PCs , cars or bikes even! Also it can be an online legal business πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

What about sports and working our bodies, I recommend that as a priority actually πŸ˜€

Above all of that try to know more good people. Try to Socialize more. If you are shy or not socializing go on ! There’s nothing to fear about and remember I am always here if you need any help πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

At the end of the day, I wish to all of you a happy summer and I will update what I am going to be up to as always πŸ˜€

Good luck and stay blessed.

Welcome to the corner,

Menna xx

You are unique !

Do you have a DNA or a fingerprint ? 

Then to begin with , you have something that non else have. Others don’t have your fingerprint or DNA , right ? πŸ˜€ 

Let’s talk about hobbies. God gave everyone one of us a gift that non else have. That gift doesn’t have to be a nice voice to sing or drawing. No no no , it’s all about your skills.

Yup! Your skills! Like how much you can convince someone of something, or how many things can you handle them together without any faults and so on. All of those are hobbies and special skills that not everyone has. 

All you have to do is just search for it. Or help your children to figure it out and to improve it πŸ˜€

That way it can help you to pick the most convenient job and to be creative in it πŸ˜€

Good luck πŸ˜‰

Welcome to the corner,

Menna xx

Gosh ! It’s 14th of February 2016 !!Β 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone !! πŸ˜€
If you are single don’t consider it a problem AT ALL ! I am too and decided to enjoy it to the most πŸ˜€

Here’s what I am doing when the night visit my home πŸ˜‰ 
1-Watch movies ( the proposal, bride war, 24 dresses, the princess diaries, confessions of a shopaholic, legally blonde, what if, the fault in our stars , Cinderella,tangled, etc. )
2-Read books ( the selection , pretty little liars , girl online , the fault in our stars) 
 3- order or make food and sweets πŸ˜€
4- listen music !  
5- wish happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends and family.
You don’t have to be knotted to someone to celebrate it ! Atleast you are knotted to yourself and your success. And that’s deserve celebration, isn’t ? πŸ˜€
And for couples, enjoy it to most, don’t hide your feelings anyone today. Confess your love, anger, upset and happiness to your love! 
Start the next love year with love or searching for it πŸ™‚
But be careful ! It should be TRUE LOVE ! πŸ˜‰ 
Always welcome to the corner,
Menna xx

Childhood, I miss you..

Whatever is your age of generation. We are no doubt miss our childhoods. 

They were the days that our minds were free. When we used to get bed peacefully not worrying about tomorrow. Our highest fears were to be good behave whole year so as Santa gets us a gift for Christmas. 

As we grow up our responsibilities and duties grow also. When we used to have BDay party it was such an awesome day. Now we refuse to count another year of life so as not to count how much left for us on this world or how many duties are going to be this year. 

However, when we were young we hoped to grow up so fast. For girls , to have clothes and make ups like her mother. For boys, to have a car or job like father rather than school. But I am sure if we knew how it’s going to be crazy later, we would never wished so πŸ˜€

As peterPan said” Don’t grow up. It’s a trap”. He was completely right ! πŸ˜€

But we should stop that way of showing off that we are old. Children don’t dream of growing up fast ( without enjoying their childhood meaning) when we tell them that we do blah blah blah.We can tell them when I was your age I used to do so and so and so.

Never make a child feel as if he is having a boating life. We really need to make them enjoy the meaning of being child. Especially old people should understand that.

Anyway, I miss cartoons, before sleep story and all πŸ™‚ I hope of those days are back even for only one day. I would have understood how it is being a child and enjoy it to max πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

What was your favorite cartoon of story when you were young ? πŸ˜€

Welcome to corner,


Entertainment TonightΒ 

Hi everyone,

This blog is for entertainment. I have here some suggestions of best books , movies , music and magazines that can make you enjoy the weekend night πŸ™‚ 

Here we go ! 
Best Movies:


Peter Pan

The devil wears Prada 

The men in black series 



Harry Potter series

Hunger games series

Shrek series

Fast & Furious Series

Die hard series

The blind side

Cast away

Cadet kelly

A Cinderella story

Even after: a Cinderella story

Gone girl 

Good will hunting

Forrest Gump

Million dollar baby

Hanchi: a dog’s tale



King Kong 

First daughter

Freedom writies

Monster academy

New in town

Princess diaries

Bride wars

Best books :

Girl online

Girl online On tour 

The fault in our stars

The secret garden 

The hunger games  

Harry Potter  

The secret garden 

The selection 

The elite 

The mortal instruments 

City of bones

Fan girl 

The April watch 
Best Magazines :



New York

National geography 


Rolling stone 



American photo





The walk 


Best Music Artists:

Michael Jackson 

Whitney Houston 

Selena Gomez 

Sam Smith 

Charlie Puth 

Janet Jackson 

Taylor Swift

Fifth harmony




Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚