Take care: False alarm

Yes, what you read up there is right. You are getting a false alarm. That alarm is your feelings, your wrong ones.

Not because someone says a word or two nice then that person is falling in love with you now, or because someone is shouting at your face means that they hate you. Wrong guesses and especially in feelings, can lead to disasters endings. Early judging can be one of the reasons that might not lead you to happy endings. In my point of view I guess people are like chameleons. We change our colors according to the situation to protect ourselves. Therefore, I believe that first impressions can be false 99% of the time. Therefore, keep the alarm activated for false feelings that you might develop.

However, we might feel the wrong way not only on first meetings, or people might not color themselves for protection. They might not protect themselves but maybe others, the people they love and care about. Also in that case activate your alarm, because at that specific moment they would be needing you the most. You might even lose them if you believed, because it’s the test. It’s the test to see if you care for each other or not.

Third type of false feelings alarms are those alarms that we get as a reflex of our original feelings. As for being angry instead of sad. That kinds of feelings can burn everything to the ground. Make you lose everything. It’s like as if you go onto a feelings coma that when you wake up from it, you will find that with your bare hands you turned everything to just  shattered memories that even if you try to fix, it would be too late. You would be praying for a miracle to get your life to what was it before everything. You would be wishing to go back with time and stop yourself before being an idiot and destroy everything.

After all, we are humans. We would prefer our happiness and joy more than anything that we might turn that alarm off by our own will. We would want us to still feel these feelings even when we know it’s am lie. We would want to smile and feel happy a few more times, before we wake up. Before the dream turns into a nightmare. That might be one of the hardest choices you might make in your life. If you are gonna make it, just please think of what will happen when you wake up first. Know that you can’t stay sleeping forever.

Lastly, how could you overcome your wrong feelings?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


What are you hiding?

If you have read any of my previous blogs you will find that I most of time believe that there is no black only or white only in life, I believe it’s the same for the human being.

It doesn’t matter if you are clear that you are strong and you feel that strength, there is a little bit of weakness in you. It doesn’t matter if you are the happiest person on earth, there is a side of darkness or sadness in you and vice versa. That’s right, we are not what we want to show. The truth mostly is the opposite. We keep the true side of us hidden most of the time, some people think it’s because it shows weakness of someone and make them easy to be broken by others. However, I think that if we showed the real us that might relax us from the acting or pretending all the time. We will simply be us.

How many times have you read someone wrongly? Like you thought they are really weak and they turned out to be really string or powerful? As I always say, people can’t be read, because knowing someone intentions only works when it’s measured and calculated like in businesses, you can’t know if someone hate or love somebody unless they show it. What if they showed all the love? Then here you go! You read him/her wrongly.


When people say that she/he has a lot of faces that doesn’t mean that they are fake for example, well they might be but sometimes it’s meant to protect themselves rather than cheating on people or deceiving them.

My point here is that if you love or hate something or someone show that love or hate before it’s too late. Life is only lived ones, so stop caring about what it looks like and start taking off the mask. At least with your family, friends and beloved ones. If you are meant to be hurt you will be and that’s okay, that’s actually how we learn to protect ourselves.


Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


Can you guess what’s inside the box?

So far, I’ve met a lot of people who would go with “Uhu, I understand you.” Or that moment when your mum, dad or someone near to you says “No one can understands you like I do” and things like that. Well, let them think what they think, after all even yourself can understand you.

We do a lot of actions that we don’t really understand, do we? It can be from our body reaction or a moment of anger, sadness or happiness. It happens with me a lot times myself. my point here is that you really don’t know the real you. Only the lucky ones of us who understand themselves by 90% for example, not to mention other people. Understanding somebody is really complicated, well unless you are a mind reader. Even then you might understand how their mind works but what about their heart.

In my point of view, emotions are something that no one can ever feel or understand about the other. Like if your best friend is really sad about something, you will know they are upset or sad but how much blue they are. That’s really impossible. You can’t get into somebody’s heart or soul and read it like a book. We all diverse in our minds, hearts and souls. Therefore, even if two really close people are happy about something or sad about it, they might both be experiencing the same emotion but not the same feeling.

However, understanding each other as much as it might be tricky, it can help sometimes. As an example, when people know each other’s music tastes, personalities, favorite colors or even horoscopes. Well those are tools that can get you a little bit about other people but they are not telling you what’s on his mind or heart. So, don’t judge so soon or even never judge at all. We are humans and we are ,in my opinion, a huge world of complication. Simplicity for us is in peace and love most of time, but can you tell when was the last time you felt that? Well, even if you did, I won’t actually really feel it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t acknowledge it 😉 😀

The idea here is that you can’t know what’s inside the box without actually opening it and you can’t open someone’s heart, soul or mind. However, you can shake the box and guess what’s in it 🙂

Have you ever guessed what’s  inside the box correct 😉 :D?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

You are a different type of roses

How many of us have been working to satisfy their parents or to become someone who people would like or appreciate? Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much you try, you are different.

There are different generations and minds. like you are not like your parents and your children aren’t going to be like you. If you want to enjoy your life and be the better version of you, You don’t need to copy your ancestors. Taking their advise, though, is important. After all they lived a part of the history that you didn’t live. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to make people like you, the expectations will always be high and by the time it might destroy you than build you.

For long time , myself, my father has always had high expectations of me, same is my mum. I’ve always followed their way of living and by the time as I grew up and started realizing who I want to actually be. It was the time when I found that if I followed my dad, my mother won’t like it and vice versa. Therefore, their expectations turned from being my goals to a cause of stress. Therefore, I started my own expectations. My goals that are for me stress-worthy. Because I will never be as great as my parents became. Why? Because the circumstances are different. the thought is different. The people are different.

In the past, people were simple in everything; their thoughts, life styles. Everything. Now simplicity is just a mirage. Life now is more complicated. So you can’t compare my life with theirs. I might not seems as great as they think of seeing me, but if they saw the hard rocks and things that I passed to reach who I am now, maybe that would be something to appreciate and might even by time these rocks might be harder by time. Harder than theirs at the time.

This blog is for parents and children. I am sure you want your son or daughter to be the best thing in the world. However, does it matter if your son or daughter want to be something else than how wonderful you picture them? Maybe how amazing you want them to be would be great but will it make them happy? Just stay behind them, support them and advise them when needed. Keep the lectures away please and start the action. Start showing them how you love them instead of saying it after every fight over some different opinions. Actually, why fighting? What about sitting down and talking like adults? I know I know, it might be hard for some and it can go out of control, but believe me after fighting or scolding the results would be 100x worse than discussing. I am telling that as a teenager. Still remember that everyone is different 🙂

The most important thing is to find your aim fast enough and stay behind it and don’t give up easily. Be yourself! It doesn’t matter if you want to be a professor, an artist or even a president :D. You can be whoever you want to be and will still be great! Greatest of the greatest, in your own special way 😉

At the end of the day, I wish everyone luck and a new, joyful academic year 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

There is only one end

Have you ever thought about the after ends? Lately I’ve been thinking about all the starts that have happened to me after ends. The new fresh starts that I had just when I said that’s it, it’s the definitely the end.

When things end, it’s usually the end of a chapter in our lives but not the end of the book. Even nature is the same. When a plant dies ,for example, it’s the start for a new life of another plant. Like how many times have you cried about ending a relationship or a friendship, when it was actually the fresh start of a new one? How many times when you got to leave a job or school and you thought that’s it, I can’t achieve my dreams anymore, it was actually the start of a new career or future that you have never thought of?

We are the ones who end things ourselves, things don’t end on their own. the end is when we lose hope, when we stop in our places convinced it’s the end. Therefore, if you want new starts, don’t stop. Believe in yourself and in your dreams, heart and thoughts. Don’t just let go of it that easy just because it just ended, or even if it ended don’t stay home mourning, if you want a new start, then go on! Get yourself a fresh start.

I know that for some people would be hard to start over after a hard experience, but just know that we can’t stop breathing or stop the cycle of our lives to stop. Therefore, either starting now or later, you will start again from some point. The idea here is that the earlier you start, the faster you develop and get over your aches. Don’t judge yourself or punish it for wrong choices or decisions you might have taken in the past, and don’t forget them either. Actually think of them but think of them as shadows of the past. Lessons learnt, without their ache. In another way, think of them, but don’t feel the. Don’t feel the pain again when you didn’t get into your dream job or college, when you broke up with someone who you thought that this person is the one. You felt it once, lived it ones. Don’t you think it’s enough tears already? Isn’t it time to move on and instead of regretting how it ended, think of how you can make a new start of it. Applying to other jobs with other fields that you might be interested at, maybe even better at them than the other one?

Think of the happy ending. The real one, the one that is actually the end of the book. The full picture. Every time you end a chapter, look forward to the end of the book. The end that will keep you satisfied. The success, the happiness, the love. 🙂

What’s your ideas of the book ending 😉 :D?

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Are you a miracle?

People say that miracles ages are gone. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of miracles around us. We just don’t them.

You are a miracle yourself. Think of how many hard or unbelievable situations you have been into and survived them. Think of who you are. Your presence itself is a miracle, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how you think of yourself as a simple human being, there is something unique in you that no one has. Think of yourself as if you are a stranger. As if you are your enemy and lover. Your enemy sees you strong, unbreakable and that’s why you have an enemy. Your lover think that you are one time thing that hardly exits. As you are his/her one unique expensive one, maybe even more expensive and worthy than a diamond.

Think of what you’ve done to people up till now. Like whatever your job is, it off course might have changed at least a small part of someone’s life. We are like gears in a clock. We move together to keep each other moving in the right movement. We are all connected to each other in a way that only the nature can connect us by. Imagine your life in as many scenarios as you can. You will find that in each scenario or story or a choice you might have made different would have made a different result. Isn’t this a miracle itself? Therefore, although we might have different opinions about this but I believe that nothing is a coincidence. Even if it’s not a result of our choices, it’s our fates.

Miracles are everywhere, in you or around you. It only needs to believe in them or at least search them to see them. They are not rare as people see them, they are every where that because of it being naturally around us, people forgot about them. They no longer see them, but once they are no longer there people will see them. That’s why only see the big miracles like miracles, while the truth is that these are not only miracles. They are extra ordinaries that might even be above miracles. Because in my point of view, miracles are so ordinary but because they’ve always been there as I said, we just can no longer notice them.

I have been thinking about that for a moment now until I decided to write about. Just believe that if you believe in yourself, believe in miracles. Believe that you are unique. Just appreciate your uniqueness. 🙂

What is the best miracle around you? 😀

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx


Will it change by the dawn?

Have you ever kept thinking about something your whole life until suddenly you feel everything no longer make sense as it used to be? Then start asking yourself, when did everything reach that point?

I ask myself that question a lot these days. I am a senior year student this year. Normally that’s the time where you start about who you want to be, what you want. All my life I’ve had that one specific plan or idea of how my life is going to turn out to be. I was so lucky to find out what I want to be since so long, unlike some of my friends. I knew what I want to do at college and university from day on. I knew what type of a woman I wanted to be. I was so blessed with this. I knew how my life would turn out to be. I was that lucky until things around me started to make no more sense as they used to be. Until I found out that the type of woman I want to be is no longer that type who sits around thinking of white dressed or how the wedding would be, unlike most girls.

I found out that i want to be that kind of woman whose name is a trademark, Whose name itself makes from her a warrior. Even then, I knew that I want to be a business woman, which was great! Like I knew that I would be studying business studies and economics and so on. I was lucky that since I made the decision I haven’t changed my mind a bit, until the world actually started to change.  Now I am thinking of surviving before making my dreams come true. People around me say that I can’t do what I am thinking of and that I am crazy. Even the idea of me learning new skills or languages, my family sees them as a waste of time because at the end of the day whatever i am dreaming of happening will never happen.

Moreover, i am still looked at as a woman. A female who is at the end of the day is going to get married and stay home. The idea that one day I might find my other half is there but after my dreams come true or at least when I find that right other half, not just because the society or my family needs to see me married or a mother. If you are reading this I would love to ask one thing from you. Whoever you are, a father, a mother, a friend or a teacher. Please, never let whoever have a dream to let it go. Because one day, if you let everyone let go of their dreams or the passion of becoming something. the day no one have dreams, is the day when the world is literally over. The day when everything goes and ends. Never force anyone to be what they don’t want to be, please support them and off course give them your advice. Make them happy and strong. Happiness and strength are the keys to the success and better world. And you too when you go after your dream don’t give up easily and take responsibility of your actions, remember it was your choice in the first place. The truth is that we, human beings, don’t learn our lesson until we actually fall and get up again.

Don’t worry if things changed by the dawn or if things no longer make sense. You are still there and as things weren’t making sense in the past, they will again 🙂

Sorry if that was a long one 😀 I just hope that I proved my point 🙂

Always welcomed to the corner,

Menna Xx

Are you still waiting for a reply?

With the technology developing and one of the main ways of communication are chatting apps. I’ve been reading a lot of memes and posts about messaging. Like how annoying is it when you message someone and checking your phone every second for a reply, but hopelessly, nothing. Sometimes they might have actually read it, but still the last message on the screen is yours.

Normally, I always expect the good will, like they might not have been able to reply yet or something bad might have happened and I actually start to worry. That’s how you can keep your mind away from all the negative ideas that revolves in your mind. After all, if you were in that person’s shoes you might be thinking the same. Away from the idea of good will and so on also the idea of keeping the good relations with people. Always think of how your friendship or relationship with that person might end up if you accused him or her of some bad will and you actually turned up to be wrong. Always think of the consequences. So don;t worry, it’s not always your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you or that your best friend is ignoring you. Relax and think it well and carefully through. Because it doesn’t matter how many times you might explain yourself later. Whatever it’s said is out there. You can’t take it back.

On the other hand, don’t always expect that people are all angels. We are all 2-halves. Yin and Yang. Black and white. We all have an angel and a devil sides inside us. Therefore, the idea of how far are you going with the good will thing depends on the person. Like not because he told you that he or she loves you deeply then off course they are not cheating on you. Remember his or her history. Didn’t they cheat on their ex ,for example, with you? Sorry for the example by the way, just the nearest that came to my mind. My point here is that bring blindly trusting is a relaxing thing that you won’t have to imagine dozens of scenarios, but also keep an eye.

One more advice that I really, really would love you taking it in consideration. Don’t make any of it a big deal. Even if you see yourself true 100%. No one is 100% true, we obviously see ourselves that because if we don’t trust ourselves who we will. It’s human nature. Don’t go on fire and burn everything down in a moment of anger, because one day you will look back at the ashes and regret it so much. Whenever things gets south, always try to end the conversation before it becomes that type of conversation  that you would curse yourself for ever allowing it and losing the people you love or destroying your beautiful dream with your bare hands. Stop it and leave the place immediately. Think of it wisely, and only include the judgments of the people you know who care about you and can by any chance trust their judgment. Never ever get in the way people who might benefit of that misunderstanding or might lead you to a misery. Also remember that forgiveness can happen, especially if it means not losing someone you love, care about or trust. They so rare to find, so keep them in your life as long as you can.

Don’t lose them over a text 😉

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